Tale of Immortal sells 1.8 million copies and developers “kick off” English translations

The Chinese RPG game Tale of Immortal, which has dominated Steam since entering Early Access in January, sold nearly 2 million copies in the first month. To celebrate, the team has begun a serious effort in translating English and is seeking your feedback.

In a Steam post, developer GuiGu Studio states that 1.8 million people have purchased action-adventure games since its launch. The team is “very happy to see how enthusiastic our community is,” but knowing that the English version is in great demand, the localization process has officially started.

Read the post “We will start English localization of the game from next month!” “For now, I would like to ask for your understanding before the translation is complete. We have set up a Discord Channel. One of our team members will answer urgent questions and bug reports. Also, the progress of the translation on the channel. We’ll keep updating the situation. ”Developers said translation was a priority when it first became popular, but it stabilizes fantasy games among hundreds of thousands of players. That may have been a priority for the past few weeks.

If you want to contribute or discuss your localization efforts, you can join the official Discord here. “The team is currently working hard to fix bugs and make the game more stable. At the same time, we are addressing issues that some players have reported to maximize the gaming experience.”

The Tale of Immortal is consistently used in the most played games on Steam and is often ranked higher than GTA 5, Rust, and Rainbow Six Siege.

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