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Tammy Abraham He vowed to be one of the best strikers in the world and revealed how Jose Mourinho persuaded him not to take the “easy choice”. Chelsea join AS Roma Instead.

After winning a Gareth Southgate recall, the 24-year-old was speaking at St. George’s Park on Thursday. England World Cup qualifying team with Andorra HungaryAchievements demonstrating his decision to leave Stamford Bridge Italy With a deal of 40 million euros this summer.

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Abraham enjoyed a groundbreaking season under former blues boss Frank Lampard in 2019-20, then was frozen under his successor Thomas Tuchel and played two Premier League matches fighting ankle injuries. Only the match has started.

“I’ve always told myself that no matter how good I get, I can always get better,” he said. “After my career, I can sit down and see what I did. I want to look back and say I did everything I could. I left everything there. I’m just like myself for the rest of my life. I worked hard, maybe …

“Until then, I’m trying to graft every day to improve myself. When ranking strikers, I want to be the name of the best striker. That’s my goal and I won’t stop until I get there. Hmm.

“The easy option is probably just to stop and sit down. Chelsea is a huge club. The easy option was to do so because they are competing for trophies and trying to win. But I go out. Prove yourself and play some games. I made a decision, which was correct. “

Abraham made a bright start to life in Italy, scoring four goals in the first ten games, but was initially skeptical of leaving England until Mourinho intervened.

He explained: [Mourinho] Said to me, I picked up the phone, and he was: “Do you want to enjoy the sun or stay in the rain?”

“I laughed. I think he didn’t think much at first when he was talking because he wanted to join the Premier League and stay here. This is his hometown, around London. I had to open my wings a little in England I had to make a choice and I chose Italy. I won’t get it back.

“When he speaks, you listen. He is a good person and has helped me a lot so far. I hope we can build from it. I have more than my life. You have learned the tactics of. You need to learn from various managers. “”

Abraham participated at the age of seven and scored 30 goals in 82 games, but encouraged others who were dissatisfied with the lack of progress in betting on playing abroad.

“It’s always brave to change countries away from home,” he said. “I encourage you to go to an English player who listens to me and meets me. Jadon Sancho [who left Manchester City to join Borussia Dortmund before returning to Manchester United] Someone who went out and did it so as not to be afraid. It’s good to go and learn about different cultures. You learn about yourself. If it’s on the table, I recommend it. “

Earlier that day, Abraham’s former Chelsea teammate was asked about the COVID-19 vaccine issue and some players hesitating to take it. Tomori Fikayo The English team doctor revealed that he had discussed the situation with the team.

And Abraham said, “I think it’s a really personal choice. People have the right to choose what they put in their bodies. For me it was a different situation. I’m vaccinated. It’s It was just personal to me. [Being] In Italy, obviously, I have been infected with the virus before. I thought that was the right thing to do. Everyone has the right to do what he wants to do. It’s personal to them. I think we should decide what we want to do. “

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Tammy Abraham of England says Jose Mourinho spoke to him from an “easy choice” in Chelsea Tammy Abraham of England says Jose Mourinho spoke to him from an “easy choice” in Chelsea

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