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The mid-engined Corvette C8.R dominated IMSA’s GT Le Mans class in its first season, 2020, with six wins, allowing Antonio Garcia and Jordan Taylor to win the championship.

But’Vette couldn’t catch the prestigious endurance race, BMW claimed to win the Rolex 24-hour race at Daytona, and Porsche got the Sebring 12-hour race, which was significantly behind Petilman. .. Ironically, Tandy holds the steering wheel in both cases. Corvette Racing won the Rolex 24 last in 2016 and the Sebring in 2017, but the drought at Pratt & Miller dates back to 2010.

But the team’s 100th After winning the Daytona 2 hours 40 minutes race last July, last Sunday the team 1-2 in the new 100 minutes race of the 24 Hours to set the Rolex 24 grid this weekend. Won. The winner was the # 4 Corvette. In the hands of Tandy, who will partner with the team’s powerful Tommy Milner in 2021, and Alexander Sims, the new third man on the Michelin Endurance Cup round team.

Both newcomers to the team said they were excited not only to win, but to win the seat team with the new mount, but Tandy said he was keen to bring the team to victory in the IMSA enduro race. Said.

“At the end of the day, Corvette Racing had a great season at the C8.R in the car’s debut year with tons of race wins and championships,” said 32-year-old Briton. “I know they are keen on winning long distances, and that’s clearly what we want to help.

“It’s hard to say how to do it other than to be consistent. From what I saw together in our limited space, it’s doing things in a Corvette racing way. -Go out and stay in and around the pace of the car in front.

“Long races require a bit of luck at the end of the race, as we all know. That’s the plan for this season. Try to win the marquee event.

“”[The qualifying race] You can do some different tests with, but that obviously makes sense. Everyone wants to start the Rolex 24 from pole position. You need to do this under pressure and perform all the steps. Competition with new programs. It was good to race with other GTLM cars and I’m sure it will be just as fun and probably closer next week. For me and Alexander, starting time at Corvette Racing is clearly a great start …

“We are very fortunate to be part of this program. We hope that we can continue with C8.R and lead to the first proper endurance, long-distance win. That is the plan.”

Sims, who won five IMSA wins in two seasons at BMW 2017-’18 run by Rahal Letterman Lanigan, is a great way to learn the handling characteristics of the C8.R by taking the opening stint in the wet dry race on Sunday. He said he had the opportunity.

“It was interesting to see the Corvette condition first. Immediately I got a lot of confidence from the car about how to push. I really found it because I was able to avoid the BMW on the first lap. . My feet wrap every lap.

“With some care, I didn’t feel like there was a lot of rap, but I was still able to gain experience in the wet and feel how the C8.R works. It was good.

“It was good to have a hot pit stop under moderate time pressure. There weren’t many races so I didn’t have to refuel too much. I did all the steps and it was 24 hours ago. I’m glad I was able to taste.

“I remember the first one or two months ago at C8.R in Sebring. It was very impressive … it really exceeded my expectations and very much in many different phases of the corner. There was some work to be done here in Daytona as the various conditions and courses are green, but the Corvette Racing Team has done a great job of speeding up the car and us. I did. “

Watching Milner said: “It’s great to see Nick and Alexander win the first race with the team. As a result, we’re in pole position. You couldn’t ask for more. Over the weekend It was a bit bumpy start, but since then the Corvette and crew have been clean.

“It was a great test. I’m glad Nick and Alexander had a good time in the car. We are all happy with the balance and changes we are making. All aspects. Good progress has been made in. C8.R has been improved, driver changes have improved the process, and every aspect has been improved to be as successful as possible for the 24-hour race …

“We’re looking into all the details and trying to enhance the process and those types. This is a good choice if you have something new for years, like a new teammate or a new crew. That’s a good opportunity for everyone to get used to their work and roles again. We did a very productive test. “

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Tandy wins Corvette for marquee durability Tandy wins Corvette for marquee durability

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