Tanuki Justice Review (Switch eShop)

Everyone, don’t get out of your seat too early here — Raccoon justice It has nothing to do with Mario’s raccoon suit. Developed by Wonderboy Bobi, this 2D run’n’gun platformer actually shares more in common with the classics. Rockman A little enthusiastic gameplay, but a game. It’s a fun and rewarding experience (especially at maximum difficulty), but in the end it’s a bit shorter.

All you have to do is walk through the waves of enemies until you meet your boss, straddling six levels with specific familiar themes, such as haunted graveyards and sunny coastlines. There are many different types of minions to dispatch, some minions relentlessly bouncing towards you, others throwing projectiles like a “barrage”. It’s a shame that many of them span multiple levels, but each stage has at least one unique enemy type. This is great. If you want to play with two people locally, there is a multiplayer mode. Nothing really changes when it comes to level layout and enemy placement, but it’s a bit of fun.

Metal blades to understand how gameplay works Rockman 2Make it the main method of combat and spread it throughout the game. Shuriken can be fired from any direction. The shuriken has a fairly poor range, but upgrades can be used to make the projectile larger and more powerful. Triggers can be used to lock the firing direction in place, but in most cases this turns out to be an unnecessary addition. Defeating enemies will also fill up special meters. This meter unleashes a giant spinning shuriken when full. This is great for weakening the boss.

The level is unfortunately short, but it feels like it’s been meticulously designed to challenge you without being overwhelmed or unfair. If you die at any point, you can quickly learn from mistakes and wins in the next round.This may sound a little easier, but it’s probably is On normal difficulty, choosing one of the higher modes will not only significantly increase the number of enemies, but will also spike the rate of fire.

Raccoon justice is usually “retro” in terms of overall expression.The colorful, pixel-rich visuals pay homage to the NES title (although art design is often Scream Sonic), and the soundtrack is a fairly repetitive song, but with some catchy features. There are some nasty quirks typical of some 8-bit games, such as the inability to jump off the platform and the disappearance of items in just a few seconds. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a fun little run “n” gun platformer reminiscent of the early Rockman titles, this might be for you.

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