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The European-based Porsche Ace got off to a great start to heat up and pull out. Paul Sitter Randle On the first turn.

Mawson didn’t take much time to build his advantage, but third-placed Nathan Herne spun the safety car at the start of the second lap.

When the race started again on lap 6, Mawson and Randall settled in a tense nose-to-tail battle. However, Mawson couldn’t properly swing Team BRM’s teammates, but Randall couldn’t close enough to take the lead a real challenge.

In the end, Morson won his S5000 debut in 1.5 seconds.The result came just a few days after he left Hotel quarantine after returning to Australia..

“Obviously I haven’t started a lot of practice, so I didn’t expect to get off to such a good start,” Morson said. “It was a surprise. It was really nice to keep him away because I thought Tom was fast. I couldn’t ask for a further start.”

Herne’s early spin was good news for James Golding, who lags behind Gary Rogers Motorsport’s teammates on lap one.

The former supercar full-time was able to regain third place with Herne, but there was no answer as to the pace of the top two. He finished the race more than five seconds behind the winner, but was more than two seconds behind fourth-placed Ricky Capo.

Tim McLaugh made two spots to finish in 5th place ahead of Luis Leeds and Tommie Smith.

The S5000 action will continue tomorrow, with two more races on Symmons Plains, both streamed live and free by

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Tasmania S5000: Morson wins opening round Tasmania S5000: Morson wins opening round

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