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The 24-year-old won an overall light-to-flag victory when he jumped to pole-sitter Joey Morson at the start.

After that, he quickly chased the field led by Race 2 winner Tim Macrov. Tim McLaugh also made Mawson jump at the start, reaching the final winning margin of 3.4 seconds.

After Randall spent the off-season, the victory ended Randall’s inspiring return to motorsport. Surgery and 2 chemotherapys in the fight against testicular cancer..

“I think I was in a spare tank,” Randall said, citing his lack of race fitness after his stint at the hospital.

“The most important thing was to get off to a good start in the front row. That was what won our race. Team BRM gave us an amazing car throughout the weekend.

“It was a great way to get back on track in the last few months. It’s great to get this result.”

As in Race 2, the highlight was the battle between Joey Morson and James Golding.

The pair scraped almost the entire race in more than a third until Golding was trapped in a hairpin and hit Mawson’s rear, with three laps remaining.

Golding then spun into Gravel, and Mawson managed to continue, but lost third to Nathan Herne.

Randall left Tasmania early in the first Australian Drivers’ Championship season since 2014, leading McLaugh by 11 points and Morson by 22 points.

The series will continue on Phillip Island from February 19th to 21st.

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Tasmania S5000: Randall dominates the finale Tasmania S5000: Randall dominates the finale

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