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The active Super2 champion got in shape early in the 20-minute session and jumped over the field in 51.176 seconds.

James Golding momentarily took over the top spot in 49.957 seconds with a 7 minute mark, and Randall responded in 49.759 seconds.

When the session was flagged red to get back Antonio Astuti’s left-behind car, it kept things subtly prepared, which led to a two-minute dash to score Paul.

After that, Randall took full advantage of the Quickfire shootout, improving to 49.599 seconds and finishing two-tenths of the field.

Paul follows a difficult off-season for Randall. Surgery and two chemotherapy treatments in the fight against testicular cancer..

“I have no words,” Randall said. “It was hard to get here. If I was asked if I could drive a car three weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been able to sit there.

“Being here is a privilege and getting pole position is a dream.

“Surely harder than before [in the past] Drive these cars.Yesterday’s average heart rate [in practice] It was much higher than usual.But that aerobic exercise [fitness] It will come in the next few months.

“Race will be another challenge. Practice is one way of thinking, qualifying is the next step, and everyone is making the biggest attack in the race. No breaks, no breaks, in the pits in the middle of the session Never enter. Complete assault. I know what we can do, but I’m starting from the best place. “

Randall’s team BRM teammate Joey Morson made a last-minute trip from Europe to Australia in this weekend’s race, finishing second after a 0.03 second edge in Golding.

Nathan Herne, who has two missions in the Transam program, starts her first race in 4th place, followed by Ricky Capo and Luis Leeds.

The first race of the 2021 season is scheduled for today at 4:13 pm local time.

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Tasmania S5000: Randall takes an emotional pole Tasmania S5000: Randall takes an emotional pole

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