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Taylor, Garcia, and endurance driver Nicky Catsburg led the Corvette 1-2 home, marking C8.R’s first endurance victory at the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

However, Garcia, who won the GTLM Championship with Taylor last year, was unable to celebrate the result with the team after learning that his Covid-19 test had returned positive.

“It was bittersweet to finish the day, just as Antonio had to leave the course,” said Taylor, who switched from his father’s Wayne Taylor racing team to replace Jan Magnussen at last year’s Corvette Racing. .. “When I got out of the car thinking it was my last stint, he was very angry and disappointed. He was told he couldn’t get back into the car.

“He lives for these events, especially this one. He really wanted to finish this race and use it to make up for it when he finished second in 2016. I felt sick of him in that regard.

“But he must be incredibly proud of the whole team. He is the leader of this car 3. He is the one who drives the setup of it and that is the end of the race. That’s why it was so fast.

“He taught me a lot as a driver. I understood the tires, I understood how to drive a car, I understood this new world of GT where I am. Without Antonio, the last There was no way to drive a stint. My way.

“Thank you very much to him. I know I will meet him within a few weeks when he comes back to the country and we can hang out and celebrate directly. I know he will be this Rolex I know I’m proud of it. I’m very honored and pleased to be part of this with him. This is my first race as I have never won an endurance race as a teammate. And it’s very special. “

Taylor had to take over from Catsburg for the final stint and work his way past a sister car driven by Corvette’s rugged Tommy Milner.

He had already won the WTR twice throughout the race, but Taylor pointed out that he was not the driver holding the steering wheel on the checkered flag in either case.

“I think some of them were definitely daunting and horrifying,” he commented. “The hour leading up to the final stint was very tense. Everyone knew what was at stake and how big a problem this race was for Corvette Racing and Chevrolet. To see the history of the team at this event …

“I had a great fight with Tommy. I am very respectful. I thought it was a great race. I am very happy. It was my first class victory at Daytona and the third Rolex. Very It’s incredible, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have dreamed anymore. “

Taylor also paid tribute to the team on the first anniversary of the mid-engined C8.R race debut.

“This is a testament to Corvette Racing. It just describes the volume about the team, the evidence that the team has done in the past, and how well the team is doing these big events. Corvette C8.R Has only run one 24-hour race, which was last year, so it’s unbelievable to go back in the second year and finish 1-2 without any problems.

“There was a perfect strategy, a perfect pit stop and no driver made a mistake. It all teaches the team and execution and what they need to do to win these events. It depends. It’s an honor to be part of it. The driver is just one part of the whole puzzle.

“We can stand on the podium, but everyone on the team deserves it. They are the ones who worked hard in the off-season to make everything possible.”

Garcia described Sunday as “the best day of my career, as well as the most frustrating and disappointing day.”

He continued. “I was infected with COVID with some symptoms in late December. I quarantined until I was fully recovered and allowed travel according to all protocols in Spanish and CDC. This is frustrating. Protocol is provided for.

“It’s painful not to be able to celebrate with Jordan, Nicky, and the rest of the team. We’ve been working for the past few months to weeks to achieve an endurance victory like the Rolex 24. I worked hard.

“I didn’t make any mistakes and I had a good pace with the Corvette. After winning the championship a year ago, this was the type or result we all wanted to start a new season.

“I knew it was fast and competitive since I started in Daytona with this new car. Obviously, last year’s preparations weren’t enough to win this race, but after the blockade it was me. Gave us a chance to develop. C8.R and we continued to win six races and championships as a team.

“Last year we couldn’t win a long race, so getting this was still in our hearts, and now we’re starting with something big like Rolex. Today, Corvette Racing proved to be the strongest team. I have to say that this was a flashback to the 2016 race. [when the #3 finished right behind the #4 of Milner and Oliver Gavin] I was pretty nervous when it seemed like it could happen again, but this time I’m glad I was at the top. “

Jim Campbell, Vice President of Performance and Motorsports at Chevrolet, said: “Winning the opening round of the 2021 IMSA season has been momentum since the end of last season. What’s the difference in a year? I’ve been on the Corvette C8.R since last year’s race with the Corvette Racing Team. We are very proud to have made progress to win the 2021 Rolex 24 in Daytona. It is very special to win this endurance race in our class for the fourth time in Daytona. “

Laura Wontrop Clauser, Chevrolet’s Sports Car Program Manager, said: “Amazing team effort by everyone at Corvette Racing to finish the Corvette C8.R 1-2 in the 24 Hours of Daytona to reach Victory Lane. Because of this incredible result, it’s a fierce battle. was.

“The months of work and preparation by everyone involved in this program were apparent on both sides of the Corvette Garage today. This is really one team. Pride and joy to the team, the Corvette owners, and the fans. I feel. “

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Taylor’s “super upset” by Garcia who missed the Corvette celebration Taylor’s “super upset” by Garcia who missed the Corvette celebration

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