TEAM GROUP releases upgraded SIREN GD240E AIO ARGB CPU liquid cooler

TEAMGROUP has been a leader in groundbreaking DDR5 memory products. Today, the company’s gaming sub-brand T-FORCE announced the new SIREN GD240E all-in-one ARGB CPU liquid cooler, which comes with a mounting bracket for the latest LGA 1700 sockets and fully supports 12th generation Intel processors and Z690 motherboards. A must-have cooling solution for gamers. The M200 portable SSD, which won the 2021 Good Design Award in Japan, was released together with the CPU cooling system. Hardcore gamers around the world are looking forward to both products when they are released globally in December this year.

The newly upgraded SIREN GD240E AIO ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler not only supports a variety of older Intel and AMD sockets, but also provides a mounting kit for the latest LGA1700 sockets. Specially selected base plates, support screws, and mounting brackets allow the water block to fit snugly into the processor. Perfect and uniform contact between the surfaces assists in rapid heat transfer to the high density jet fin heatsink, significantly expanding the heat dissipation area and quickly removing heat from the CPU. To optimize efficiency and heat transfer paths, the SIREN GD240E is equipped with an ultra-fast 4000RPM water pump mounted on the radiator, reducing CPU wear and noise caused by the vibration of the water pump. With these features, the system offers 1.5 times the cooling performance of regular liquid-cooled products while providing the highest protection for the next generation of Intel processors. The SIREN GD240E is an all-in-one liquid cooler system with top-notch heat dissipation and visual flair, thanks to the elegant mirror finish of the water block and the high-speed ARGB fan that supports all major motherboard lighting software.

The M200 Portable SSD features a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface, delivering ultra-fast speeds of 2,000MB / sec, four times faster than USB 3.2 Gen1 external SSDs. It also features USB Type A and Type C OTG, supporting a variety of platforms including tablets, smartphones, PlayStation ™ and Xbox ™ consoles. With a total weight of only 83 grams and a maximum capacity of 8 TB, the M200 Portable SSD is lightweight and portable, so you have easy access to high-speed drives and high-capacity storage at any time. The upgraded SIREN GD240E AIO ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler offers new CPU cooling options for the latest Intel platforms, and the high-speed M200 portable SSD offers two different transmission interfaces, so consumers who need high-capacity storage are confident. You can buy it with. These two new products will be available worldwide in December. Check out the latest news on the official TEAM GROUP website.

product SPEC Suggested retail price (USD) Available time
SIRENGD240E All-in-one ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler 109.99 Early December
M200 Portable SSD 2TB 309.99 Late december
4TB 759.99
8TB 1899.99 First quarter of 2022

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T-FORCE SIRENGD240E All-in-one ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler

T-FORCE M200 Portable SSD

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TEAMGROUP Launches the Upgraded SIREN GD240E AIO ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler

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