Team up with Necromunda’s Vansar: Underhive Wars

Are you ready to recruit, customize and take your fighter band to a new level? The Vansar gang is currently making waves at Necromunda: Underhive Wars.

Available for purchase and addition of games on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Van Saar Gang is the latest addition to Necromunda as Focus Home Interactive and Rogue Factor provide major updates to the game.

It costs £ 5.79 and is available for download now. Vansar gangs are given the chance to dominate the progress with some of the cutting-edge technology to hit the Games Workshop-inspired tactical RPG. As you can see, adding them to the game gives you access to a whole new skill set, a fairly unique new house perk, and some of the most tech visual skins you can imagine gangsters from underhives.

It also brings a new twist to the way Necromunda plays, with freedom of movement, tactical depth and verticality, unlike other factions. They wear armor suits, carry ranged weapons, and instead of worrying about boring things like movement, they make the most of their additional firepower. Download VanSaars now and you will find that you have been given the opportunity to create one of the most dangerous gangsters in the game. A gangster who is completely ripe for customization.

Watch the trailer below and the Vansar Gang will be rolled out to Necromunda: Underhive Wars on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Give your watch and then head to your favorite digital store. Xbox store It really should be your choice – and grab the download.

Description of DLC:

With Necromunda’s Vansar: Underhive Wars! This pack provides access to Vansal gangs, their unique cosmetics, skills, and perks, and can be used in solo and multiplayer gang battles. Dominate the underhive with advanced technology!

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