Team17 picks up space action from Stormind Games-RPG, Batora: Lost Haven

Set to be released on consoles and PCs in 2022 Space Action in Stormind Games-RPG, Batora: Lost Haven.. It was already in the spotlight, but with the introduction of the Team17 brand, the excitement has increased.

It is well known Team17 Mark is rarely missed (Worms rumble, Overcooked! And Planet Alpha Prove that) And with a lot of great games over the year, Batora: Lost Haven will stick to radar.

Created by Stormind Games and to be released via Steam on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | s, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and PC: Lost Haven follows global disaster event on Earth Take your player an emotional adventure across the stars with a rich and divergent story of choices and consequences that will change the fate of the universe.

Batora: Lost Haven combines hack and slash and twin-stick shooter mechanics to separate physical and mental health bars for strategic and tactical gameplay. Everything is more interesting with a beautiful retro sci-fi art style.

Battra: The main features of Lost Haven are:

  • A deeply divergent story: Unraveling an interplanetary journey as the only person who can save the Earth from its imminent oblivion
    Unique “Nature Switch” mechanism: As the story unfolds, it balances the hostile environment with mental and physical forces to overcome the enemy.
  • Reactive and non-linear storytelling: Your choices will change the fate of the universe and the creatures that inhabit it. Will you be a conqueror or defender?
  • Beautiful retro sci-fi art style: Enjoy colorful and fascinating planets and hand-painted visuals inspired by the retro science fiction art style of the 1950s

If you like the sound and can’t wait until 2022 Registration is open to participate in Closed Alpha For games on PC starting July 21st.

Antonio Cannata, CEO and co-founder of Stormind Games, said: Team17’s tradition as an independent game label is incredibly strong, so it’s not surprising to think about launching multi-platform next year. “

Christie Sandy, Team17’s Executive Producer, said: It’s a fascinating story that really leans towards the eye-catching 1950s sci-fi-inspired visuals and unique mechanics that make the game a memorable experience. We look forward to the reaction of action RPG fans to the alpha version next month. This provides a compelling taster for the full game to be released in 2022. “

See the trailer below for more information.

Team17 pick up Stormind Games’ cosmic action-RPG, Batora: Lost Haven

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