Ted Lasso: Roy and Keeley Share Best Season 2 Scenes Ever

When Roy returns home from the coach of the women’s soccer team, he walks into the bedroom and finds Keeley holding headphones and a phone. What is the most delicate way to put this? Keeley is: Checking the undercarriage, dialing a rotating phone, taking a self-guided tour, taking part in the Queen’s Gambit … As you know: massurbatin’.

Fewer shows will turn this into a punch line that surrounds embarrassment, but this episode will soon bring it to mind.Roy came across Keeley in a vulnerable situation, but it’s not her vulnerability Ted Lasso Related: It’s Roy’s. It turns out that Keeley’s handjob material was a retirement press conference filled with Roy’s tears. This is one of the only times Roy has become outwardly emotional in his life.

“I love the scene,” says Juno Temple. Den of Geek.. “It covers so many areas. It brings a comedy element and then a kind of temptation moment. Then, for a moment,” What do you know? A man as sexy as you, Being vulnerable and owning it is such a turn-on. Literally there are so many things in one scene. It’s a micro universe. I liked it. “

According to Temple scene partner Goldstein, that moment was a highlight of the early season, a very long task that made up about five pages of the episode 2 script.

“That scene was like playing a mini, there are a lot of levels,” he says. “We loved doing it. I think the moment he catches her is really rare, you don’t see it much. It’s also funny and sexy, all of this . “

But all that key is what follows. Roy was initially scared of the prospect that Keeley would be turned on for “pathetic”, but now she realizes she’s right … as always. At Keeley’s suggestion, Roy returns to football horses and will be a critic of “Soccer Saturday” with Jeff Stelling and Chris Kamala.

Ted Lasso: Roy and Keeley Share Best Season 2 Scenes Ever

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