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All Pokemon are interesting and worth talking about.I haven’t played a lot Pokemon, But I enjoy the universe, and I love to learn more about the creatures in it. So here’s another Pokemon! It’s a teddiursa!

Details of Teddiursa

Type: Normal

Average height: 2 ’00 ”

Average weight: 19.4 lbs

First added in Generation II

A few days ago I had a big breakfast and covered it with maple syrup. Then for the next few hours, my hands felt sticky. It was sticky even after washing. Do you know what else has this annoying feature? honey. Today’s Pokemon, the Teddiursa, know this well, given that they spend much of their day sucking their feet, which are forever covered with sweet, sweet honey.

Teddiursa, like other famous anime bears, are honey-loving teddy bear-like Pokemon creatures. You know one Smokey bear..And according to Entry of Pokédex listed in Bulbapedia, This love for honey has led to the troublesome situation of * WINKS *. As we eat a lot of honey, our feet absorb a lot of sticky sweets, and having really tasty feet is forever cursed. This leads to tasty feet whenever you are free.

Very sticky feet have another problem. A few days later, the legs of the Teddiursa will be covered with sticks, leaves, insects, flowers, grass leaves, acorns, and other things that you come across in the woods. Future Pokemon games should use this to give Teddiursa the ability to throw small random objects during combat. (Go to Game Freak. Free Ideas. Happy Holidays.)

Random facts

  • So here are some strange facts that appear Pokédex entry: “Every foot set has a unique taste.” Uh … hey, how do you know that? Who licked the legs of these bears?
  • I can’t stop thinking about that last fact. Who decided that this was important information? And how did you learn this? Did the creepy man start catching Teddy Ursus with the load of the truck and lick all his legs?
  • Why was this allowed, and who thought it was a good idea to publish his work?

Last week’s best comment

“Probably to cover that chest. This actually only raises more questions.”

-Legolas Legolas Legolas

You don’t have to say everything, but Pokemon is weird.

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