Ted’s crossover trick doesn’t make sense

The Necromancer tricked The Originals spin-off hero Landon into thinking he’s fine now, but how did Ted trick Ferryman in Legacy Season 4?

Season 4 original spin off Legacy It features a clever trick from the recurring villain Ted, also known as the Necromancer, but it doesn’t make sense to investigate further at that moment. The first few seasons Legacy It wasn’t very similar to its predecessor, original When the Vampire Diaries, In terms of tone. Set in a young and talented Salvatore school, the paranormal soap is a fast-paced, relatively easy-going series with little tragedy or melancholy seen in both. original When the Vampire Diaries..

Instead, Legacy There was a sense of humor Not all franchise fans care about this change, but it makes it stand out from its predecessor.Death had no particular impact on the world Legacy Therefore, many plots had little interest. However, Legacy Season 4 helped solve this problem a lot, killing series stars Landon and Alaric seemingly forever and turning the former heroine Hope into a true villain.

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However, Legacy Season 4 still stumbles when it comes to summing plots with knots. For example, the closing scene of “You’re a Long Way from Home” (Season 4 Episode 6) was intended to set a revelation for the end of the bomb, but it collapses under scrutiny. In the scene, former enemies Landon and Ted the Vampire Diaries Star Alaric I will participate there. This shocking moment proves that his character is closer to death than many viewers imagined, but the previous scene is due to the confusing rules of Limbo’s magical ferryman (Alaric). It doesn’t make much sense (other than setting the appearance of).

Heritage every time Landon dies

Ted, also known as Necromancer, cannot pass to the afterlife after death unless he proves that he has some degree of purity in his soul. Without the tokens to pay the ferryman, he seems to be forever stuck in purgatory with Landon. However, when Randon offered him a token, repentant Ted proposes to wait with Randon instead of taking the opportunity to cross over. This selfless act proves that he is decent after all and ironically earns Ted’s tokens. This encourages Ted, who is delighted, to celebrate Landon and prepare to get stuck, as this has always been his plan. However, Legacy Seasons 2 and 3 The villain Ted was given a token by magic, the same magic telling that the necromancer was still working on his old trick and hadn’t changed internally when he promised to stick to Landon. Couldn’t you?

It’s a confusing plot hole because the tokens appear magically and appear to be distributed based on a sense of goodness inside rather than on the outside. As a result, there is no reason why Ted was fooling Landon and fooling Ferryman.In the context of Legacy Season 4 In the episode, this mess is dismissed by the sudden appearance of Alaric, which shocks both the character and the viewer, but the problem has not yet been explained.Somehow Legacy Address this issue or original Spin-offs use Alaric’s arrival as an opportunity to avoid the limbo plot line, but have not yet been seen.

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Ted’s crossover trick doesn’t make sense

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