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Telegram updates bring tons of video-focused upgrades


  • The Telegram team has announced several video-focused additions to the app.
  • This includes 1,000 people during a video call, upgraded video messages, and the ability to adjust the video playback speed.

telegram Is one of the best choices WhatsAppDue to its large user base and numerous features that Facebook-owned IM apps do not have. Currently, the Telegram team has released the latest stable updates and offers some notable features.

The headline feature this time is that Telegram has raised the group video call limit from 30 participants to 1,000. However, there is a big caveat as the ability to view video feeds is still limited to 30 people. That is, 970 additional people can’t actually see the video. Nonetheless, Telegram positions this option as optimal for lectures, event streams, and other similar formats.

There is also an upgrade to the video messaging feature. This feature allows you to record short video snippets that are not saved in the Phone Gallery. These videos are now higher resolution, extensible, and have playback controls (rewind, pause, fast forward, etc.).

Telegram updates aren’t the only video-related adjustments, as you can share your device’s sound and screen and adjust the video playback speed in a one-on-one video call.

Other notable additions to this update include the ability to automatically delete messages sent in chat after a month (optionally join a day and a week), and automatically increase the width of the pen brush when you zoom in on the image. Includes reduced features, new messages-send animations, and new animated emojis.

Telegram updates bring tons of video-focused upgrades Telegram updates bring tons of video-focused upgrades

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