Teltail’s Sam and Max will be remastered by the original developers in December of this year

Sam and Max of Teltail have brought us a modern resurgence of adventure games, and for that reason alone I will love it forever. Well, it’s also a fun comedy point-and-click. If you haven’t had a chance to play yet, or want to play again, the good news is. A team of former Telltale developers will introduce Sam and Max Save the World Remastered in December this year.

Sam and Max Save the World (or Season 1 if you followed the series before the official subtitles) started suddenly in 2006. The remastered version will hit Steam and GOG (and Switch if you’re interested). The entire console) was updated on December 2nd to run on the latest machines with the latest graphics features.

The new release runs 16: 9 at a resolution that the PC can handle and includes a new keyboard or gamepad control scheme in addition to the original point-and-click options. The game hasn’t been completely reworked, but some scenes have been tuned for “new acting and camerawork,” with new original music updated in addition to the original character model.

The remaster will be available for $ 19.99 / £ 15.49 / € 16.79, but you’ll get a 50% discount if you own the original version of the game. (If you own it at the Telltale Store, the developer will cover it for you.)

Developer Skunkape Games, made up of former Telltale developers, discusses in detail with ViceGames the struggles to get back something like a dog detective and a rabbit.

It has not yet been announced whether Sam and Max’s second and third seasons of Teltail will be treated as remastered, but the official website has empty links waiting for them to be added. Is already there.

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