Temporary Review-Love Craftian Cyberpunk

Temporarily, Hacker for Hire Randolph Carter gets caught up in a dark plot in the city of Dystopia, bringing the horror of lovecraft to the cyberpunk setting.

Developer: Stormling Studios
Price: $ 20 (15% discount at launch)
Platform: PC
MonsterVine was provided with a PC code for review.

temporary Set in a post-apocalyptic future, where human survivors live in a dome-shaped city full of high-tech progress and escape into a virtual world instead of facing the surrounding reality. But not everything looks like this city. Randolph Carter, who hires a hacker, comes across a dark secret that threatens to kill him and his friends.

HP Lovecraft fans reading this now are probably double-taking the protagonist’s name. Yes, the main character is Randolph Carter.on the other hand temporary Tell the original cyberpunk story and draw clear inspiration from stories such as: The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadas And Through the Silver Key Gate. This is a love craftsman horror story set in the world of cyberpunk, and these two styles work very well. You have the fear of encountering strange beings and are not intended to be known to humanity in combination with the fear of being hacked while in the virtual world. Together they create a surreal tone, often questioning what reality is and what is not.

temporary There are several third person sections, but is an adventure game played primarily from a first person perspective. This is a beautiful game with a vibrant environment that brings the world to life, both in the cyberpunk area and in the more fantastic world of aliens that Carter often encounters. Curiously, Carter’s own character model is a game that surprised me as if he was looking away more than any other character, but since it’s a first-person game, I rarely see him. It also has a great voice to play for all its major characters.

Carter offers a variety of high-tech research tools. The most frequently used is PHI. This is a “perceptual implant” that can scan the environment for something important. This can be as easy as locating the destination, but it can also be used to inspect the corpse using PHI or to trace the wire to unlock the door. You’ll also encounter some puzzles to solve (mainly inventory-based), hacking mini-games, and other fun gameplay shifts that won’t spoil here.

But don’t expect to roam the streets for clues. It may be a survey from Carter’s point of view, but it’s a fairly linear experience. Notes, objects to look at, and collectibles to find that embody the game world are the main reasons that can deviate from the main path, but they still mean exploring small self-contained areas. Storytelling has a horror theme, temporary It’s not a horror game. You will not be chased by monsters or in a dangerous situation. In most cases, you’ll just occasionally experience the story with puzzles along the way.

Fortunately, the story is great.Here are some links to the game before the developer Conarium, Because the two are set in the same universe, temporary I am completely independent. Taking advantage of the theme, the pace was good, and I was trapped in a mystery. The only downside is that it finishes too early. temporary It only takes a few hours to beat, and the last few scenes feel a bit rushed. I enjoyed the performance and finished, but I was disappointed that there was nothing more. Again, if the journey to get there is fun, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to want more games.

The last word

Transients aren’t long games and their gameplay tends to lag behind storytelling, but if you’re looking for cyberpunk mysteries or cosmic horror stories, Transient blends them very well and gets hooked. Create a journey to make you.

-MonsterVine Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars – great

Transient Review – Lovecraftian Cyberpunk

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