TemTem Review-You need to catch TemAll!

Temtem is a fun but a bit repetitive RPG that injects some interesting new ideas into the Pokemon formula while creating its own identity as a game. If you’re looking for the fun of catching creatures and can’t wait for the next Pokemon game, Temtem is safe.

Developer: Crema
Price: $ 40
Platforms: PS5 (reviewed) and PC
Monster Vine provided PS5 code for review

I’m a big fan Pokemon, Yes Temtem Being advertised by players as the spiritual successor to the franchise certainly caught my eye. I think there are many possibilities for this Early Access title. I’m a little stumbled here and there, but I think this is a powerful start to new possibilities. Pokemon Alternative.

The tale of Temtem Is simple and familiar, and fits perfectly with the purpose of the game.You are a young person on a journey to the world Temtem.. Tame Temtem and fight the malicious Cranbersoto while traveling through different atmospheric lands to find new creatures.It serves its purpose and pushes you into the world Temtem It works well for the game without spending too much of your time.

Temtem Play like any other similar game, with a semi-top-down perspective in the overworld and a turn-based battle between Temtem and other Temtem tamers. Every Temtem has a variety of elements that are very effective against each other, and attacks share each element. The strengths and weaknesses between the elements make sense and are easy to remember, so combat feels natural and easy. If you run in a large area, the game will be repeated, and it feels like there are too few battles in each area.

“”With the wide variety of creatures that are ultimately presented to the player, everyone should have some that they find very attractive.“”

Combat is very similar to that Pokemon And that Digimon Cyber ​​Sleuth In the series, you and your opponent take turns attacking each other with damage-inducing movements and status buffs and debuffs. However, unlike other series, Temtem There are some small additions that make it stand out as its own. Most battles are double battles rather than singles, and you can fully heal your party every time you visit the healing center. This reduces the frequency with which you need to deviate from your heel journey. Temtem also evolves after getting a certain number of levels from rear Instead of setting evolution levels, tame them. This gives each creature plenty of time to design and gives them a strong friendship with their Temtem buddies.These changes make things a little smoother and cement, so overall it’s a lot of fun Temtem As its own.

Temtem Its vibrant and vibrant colors make the world feel exciting and adventurous, so it looks great. The designs of the various Temtem creatures are very well done due to the amount of creativity they look like. With the wide variety of creatures that are ultimately presented to the player, everyone should have some that they find very attractive. The amount of customization available for avatars is also very impressive. This is because you can give your character a variety of looks. It’s rarely noticeable when exploring or fighting, so I wish the music was a little more impressive. Being able to meet other players at any time while roaming the world adds a sense of adventure as it makes the world feel really populous.

The last word
Occasionally, Temtem is an overall fun, well-designed creature-gathering RPG that emulates the successful aspects of Pokemon while adding a unique twist to make it feel unique. If you’re looking for a game to fill the void provided by the period between Pokemon, Temtem is a powerful choice.

MonsterVine Review Score: 4 out of 5 stars – good

TemTem Review – Gotta Catch Tem All!

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