Ten years later, FINAL FANTASY XIV now dominates as King of MMOs

The inside story of FINAL FANTASY XIV is now widely known. It was a problematic game that many experts thought was dead on arrival, but one of Square Enix’s development team wasn’t ready to give up. They virtually destroyed the entire MMO and restarted in 2013 as FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn and are now considered one of the greatest entries in the genre ever. This is one of the game’s most victorious comeback stories, fueled by the continued success of FF14.

For those who want to know more about the path to redemption of the game, the Noclip people have put together a great documentary that shows fans behind the scenes of the dramatic makeover of FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Since the release of ARealm Reborn on PC and PlayStation 3, the game has released three extensions every other year. Heaven Seward in 2015, Storm Blood in 2017, and finally Shadow Bringer’s in 2019. Hard-core.

A patch released since the acclaimed Shadow Bringer, further improvements to the current base game. Square is back and streamlined the player’s journey between A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. This is the infamous slogan where players are yo-yoing across Eorzea for hours.

Second, the free trial for your new account has been significantly expanded to allow you to experience vast amounts of content until the end of Heavensward without paying a subscription fee. So this is almost any job up to level 60, with lots of raids, dungeons and trials, one of the best Final Fantasy stories in the first expansion, and at no cost. To be honest, there has never been an easier way for new players to dive into this incredible MMO.

Also, to make FINAL FANTASY XIV more user-friendly, the last few enhancements have taken certain steps to make various jobs more universal. They retain their own quirks, but if you choose one of the four tank jobs, for example, you can jump between each and have enough similarities without being completely confused about how to play them. There is.

Now, more than a decade later, you may be wondering if FINAL FANTASY XIV is worth playing in 2020. In a word, absolutely.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot to do in Eorzea. Currently, there are 4 sets of 24 “Alliance Raids”, 4 sets of 8 “Normal Raids”, dozens of “Trials” of various difficulty (frustration) levels, and many dungeons. This is fed back into the glorious story of the game.

If you’ve always wanted to be a botanist or blacksmith, even if the fighting isn’t yours, then there’s a range of crafting and collecting jobs. Beyond that, the rugged housing system has a huge amount of furniture, extensive photo modes with Gpose mechanics, and a great crossover with all free seasonal events and other games.

Then there are mini-games, and ah boys ruin FINAL FANTASY XIV with that count. Those familiar with FINAL FANTASY VIII will enjoy or be afraid to add a triple triad (* that * complete with music) here. However, there are some things that waste time on the Gold Saucer, such as mahjong, crane machines, fitness tests, and jump challenges (yes, this also includes * that * music).

Finally, the game’s population continues to grow, with a total of 20 million finally revealed. For such a large community, toxicity is minimal (until the endgame content is reached anyway) and new players are very welcome. Even with previous low-level content, you won’t have a hard time finding someone to run your instance.

Or, of course, as long as you’re on the same server, you can find some friends to play the game. You can also create your own free company to gain access to additional storage and shared bonuses such as boosts for the entire party. Experience and other benefits, or — as in my free company — the ability to get together to buy a home.

FINAL FANTASY XIV patch 5.4 brings more stories, new dungeons, trials, and the final four raids of the Eden series. Needless to say, without spoilers, it’s all great, just continuing the high quality levels that the team has been putting out for years. Also, the story to the end is intriguing with its implications for the future of the game.

The next expansion is likely to take place in 2021, and the story has reached an enthusiastic pitch. The previous content concludes the Shadow Bringer’s story with an epic battle. I don’t lie and have a big smile on my face. So, in 5.4, we’ve entered the story leading up to the next full expansion in 2021, but we don’t know anything about it yet.

Of course, we don’t know when FINAL FANTASY XIV will end with continuous support and a very fun story, but the game’s beloved director and producer, Naoki Yoshida, says that support will continue as long as desired. FINAL FANTASY XI (launched in 2002) can be used as a promising indicator here. What’s more, XIV is still a huge money spinner for Square, so it’s there.

With such a rich legacy, hours of high-quality MMO content, and one of the friendliest player communities on the planet, FINAL FANTASY XIV is a must-see if you’re still sitting on the fence somehow. Worth it. Even better, if you’re going to trigger, take a group of friends and ride!

May the Twelve of Fate protect you, the Warrior of Light.


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