Tencent scoops Gears Tactics and Warframe Devs with Leyou acquisition

Chinese media conglomerate Tencent has acquired two more developers after acquiring Hong Kong-based video game company Leyou. And Halo PC Version: Master Chief Collection.

Both Digital Extremes and Splash Damage have issued statements regarding the acquisition, stating that the operations at each studio will continue as usual. The studio will continue to be an independent entity within Tencent, allowing the giant’s resources to be leveraged to enhance development efforts.

“One of our central pillars is transparency. I’d like to share with you what that means. We’re still creatively independent and expect no changes to how Warframe or the studio operates. And we’ll continue to focus on you. The community we’ve been with us at every stage since we launched Warframe, “Digital Extremes said of the acquisition.

Splash Damage co-founder and CEO Richard Jolly reiterated his feelings, saying the studio was excited about what the future might look like under this new partnership.

“This will be a bold new phase for our studio. We have an amazing lineup of ambitious games that do all of the splash damage. We couldn’t get any more excited,” Jolly said of the acquisition. Told.

Launched as part of Chinese chicken supplier Sumpo Food, Leyou owns five subsidiaries: Samurai Spirits publisher Athlon Games, Digital Extremes, free-to-play developer Kingmaker, online game maker Radiance, and Splash Damage. I will. Leyou also owns a 20% stake in Certain Affinity, the developer of the Crimson Alliance and co-creator of Halo Infinite.

This purchase solidifies a boiled discussion for months. Tencent was previously interested in acquiring Leyou in July 2020, avoiding the possibility of an acquisition from Sony.

Tencent acquired several studios in 2020 alone and has invested a lot of cash throughout the year. This includes GTFO developer 10 Chambers, Dead Island 2 creator Sumo Group, mobile game developer Voodoo, and Spec Ops: The Line Studio’s Yager Development.

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