TEQC 003: Framework for quality control for engineering professionals

This episode of the Engineering Quality Management Podcast outlines a five-part framework for quality control and details the second part of this framework. review.


Some important points described in this episode are: Quality control for engineering professionals:

  • wrap up Part 1: For many experienced professionals, collection is probably the second nature. This is the phase that emphasizes determining expectations for the deliverable.
    • Federal, state, and local regulations
    • Client expectations, preferences, and specific project goals
    • Robust criteria that need to be included in every project
    • Engineering and architectural principles, standards, and ethics
  • review
    • Rubber meets the road: When conducting a quality control review, you need to find all the technical errors. Also look for misspelling and miscalculations. Readability, drafting, and all information shown in the plan must be technically correct. Everything in the project should be taken into account and efforts should be made towards the final product.
    • Technical error: Quality control reviews focus on finding technical errors and starting the path to fix them.
    • Much more: Leverage experience, perspectives and knowledge to improve solutions to specific problems. Every engineering project is a problem that requires you to present the best solution to your clients in the form of deliverables.

Three steps to solve the problem:

  1. Find the answer: Find a viable solution to your problem, even if it seems crazy, expensive, or impossible. There is no project until you have a solution that meets all the expectations and goals of the project. You need to find at least one solution.
  2. Improve previous solutions: Now that we have something that works, we can make it better.
  3. Repeat step 2: We will continue to improve the solution until we reach the best solution. By finding the best possible solution, you can concede some aspects of your project to meet all other expectations.

Details of this episode …

The Power of Experience segment describes how past skeletons create today’s thinking.

Books mentioned in this episode:

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TEQC 003: Framework for quality control for engineering professionals TEQC 003: Framework for quality control for engineering professionals

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