TERA Console will introduce cross-play and merge server between PS4 and Xbox on November 19th

Thursday, November 19th TERA console MMORPGs are meant to introduce cross-play functionality between PS4 and Xbox versions of the game. This feature has been removed from the friends and block lists on each platform and also introduces an in-game friend and block system that allows players to friends with each other, regardless of console platform. In addition, cross-play is a fully optional feature, but players who opt out will not see players who have opt-in cross-play, even if they are using the same console.

As a result of the game’s cross-platform future, several servers will be integrated based on the NA, EU, and Asian regions. The process should be totally automated, but some tweaks have been made to the player characters or guilds that share the name, each with the most logged in or the earliest created. .. There are many other specific details that players should be aware of, so check the post for that information.

When it comes to server issues, NA and EU PS4 players will receive uncertain compensation for weekend server issues caused by Velik’s Hold matching issues. For the time being, the dungeon will be closed to stabilize the build, but compensation will be issued for the next maintenance of the game.

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TERA Console will introduce cross-play between PS4 and Xbox and merge servers on November 19

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