Teratopia hits Switch in January

The 3D action blower Teratopia is dated for Switch.It was Originally scheduled for this holiday, The title has been pushed back a little. It will be released digitally on January 20, 2021.

If you missed it, check out the following overview and trailer for Teratopia.

Join Tucho in his quest to rescue his friends and free up the colorful grotesque lands of Terra Topia! Cross 13 unique zones full of crooked enemies trying to overtake your homeland. But don’t be afraid! The power of friendship has a variety of skills to confront fellow Terratopians and the families of the Red Invaders.

Immerse yourself in an action-filled adventure and plan strategies on the go to better overcome your enemies! Play as one of the fighters Tucho, shooter Benito, or trickster Horacio, each with their own strengths and skills.


– Enjoy a story full of family gag and interesting situations.
– Play as 3 different avatars, each with its own skill set and 5 summonable units.
– Travel 13 colorful landscapes with a fully open world map.
– Challenge and defeat 11 bosses.
– Unlock Teratopedia entries and customize your character with 4 different costumes.

Source: Eastasiasoft

Teratopia hitting Switch in January

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