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The Australian Regulatory Prudential Authority publishes quarterly aging statistics for funds that manage $ 50 million. We have summarized the statistics dating back to the December 2004 quarter.

Total revenue for the six years was $ 232 billion. This includes a negative $ 206 billion return for the six quarters from December 2007 to March 2009. These losses resulted in a net return of $ 1.7 billion in income taxes over six years.

Total revenue of $ 232 billion is equivalent to an annual rate of return of 5.53% during the period. It’s a shame that a significant percentage of employees with mortgages that pay about 7.5% interest invest their retirement savings in investments that are more risky than the certainty of mortgage payments.

Perhaps it’s time to get rid of many intermediaries and allow a member’s aging fund to invest in a member’s own mortgage mortgage offset account. Interest on the offset account may be repaid to the aging fund. Simple rules can be established to keep the loan-to-valuation ratio at a conservative level. This process saves a lot of money and gives members the opportunity to invest in their future.

The government must require banks to provide facilities to the homes in which they live.

Banks are provided with a directly guaranteed source of funding, which eases funding requirements.

Offset facilities are considered to mitigate the increase in consumer debt in the economy.

Mortgages are offered under normal lending standards, and mortgage insurance is relatively cheap, up to 80% of the value of your home. Aging funds as bank depositors receive normal protection.

As interest rates rise, the same profits will flow into their retirement savings.

Since the fund’s returns are usually taxed, the return on investment is taxed anyway, so there is no loss to the government. Since the asset is a bank deposit, it reduces tax circulation and avoids the government’s $ 14 billion refund during the credit crisis.

People will be more encouraged to save for their retirement if they can see the true direct benefits of savings.

The old-age pension system already exists, so the question is where to invest. Should you be forced to make a speculative investment to get a decent profit, or should you invest in what is a high interest rate savings account? Remember that if you make 7.2% in 10 years, your money will double. It seems like a good idea to be safe and double your money.

Perhaps it makes too much sense to be practical.

Michael Cornips

Termination Pension Statistics | Australian Equity Forum Termination Pension Statistics | Australian Equity Forum

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