Terminator: Resistance-enhanced version coming to PlayStation 5 in March

Reef Entertainment Announces 2019 Shooter Terminator: Resistance Is to get the next generation upgrade version on the PlayStation 5, known as Terminator: Strengthening resistance..

The new version includes improved frame rates, including 60FPS and 4K resolutions, and “new features” that take advantage of the console’s DualSense controller. It also includes all balance patches and updates previously released on the PC version. This includes an intruder mode that confirms that you play as one of the murder cyborgs.

What’s more, a brand new paid DLC extension with new narrative content is also promised for the PlayStation 5 and PC versions of the game in the summer of 2021. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, on the other hand, will have an upgrade patch for Q12021 without any technical enhancements to balance and difficulty.

Finally, an extended version of Terminator: Resistance It will also be available to PlayStation 4 owners on the same day it was released for PlayStation 5 on March 26, 2021.

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