Terraria has sold over 35 million copies in its lifetime

TerrariaThe game, which combines sandbox-style creativity with platform action, has sold over 35 million copies on all platforms in its lifetime.

According to a new update on the game’s official blog, Terraria has shifted over 35 million impressive units, dominated PCs, consoles and mobiles in the process.

According to the breakdown of sales, 17.2 million copies are sold from PCs, 9.3 million copies are sold on mobile, and 8.5 million copies are sold on consoles. If the problematic Google Stadia port hits, that number is expected to jump again.

But just because a game has sold so much doesn’t mean that the developer intends to sit in his hand and look at the cashroll. The studio is already working on more content for popular games.

“While moving forward towards 2021, we are working hard on a complete renewal chain,” explains the studio. “Things are really starting to come together and I’m excited about the rest of the year waiting for me, but I’d like to do the usual numerical updates to end 2020 and share it again. Thanks to the amazing support, Terraria has reached another sales milestone! “

It’s good to know that the game’s user base is still very loyal (as a result of numerous review bombing scandals on Steam).

According to a nod from the developers, Terraria recently jumped to the top of the Steam250 game rankings in user reviews, moving Portal 2 out of the way and claiming victory.

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Terraria has sold over 35 million copies in its lifetime

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