Terraria Journey’s End confirmed on Switch

Terraria Journey end switch

Switch gets a major update for Journey’s End. TerrariaWas announced. Nintendo console players will be able to access new content starting January 4, 2022.

Journey’s End contains a full track of new content. Comes with new modes, bosses, enemies, and quality of life changes.

One of the main highlights Terraria Switch players can expect from Journey’s End is master mode. “The difficulty of the battle will increase, but each defeated boss will offer their own reward.” Journey mode is also included with additional options such as item duplication, weather control, adjustable spawn rates, and difficulty sliders.

The barrage-inspired Empress of Light and the striking Queen Slime are among the new bosses. It also contains bestiary stories to help you track your enemies, allies, and creatures. This includes new golf features, new weather-based events such as lantern nights and meteor showers, new biomes such as graveyards and oasis, new music such as the “Journey’s End” title theme and the track of Terraria Contest winner Xenon. In addition, DSniper.

As far as quality of life changes are concerned, much is included in Terraria Journey’s End. Some highlights include block swaps to make construction more intuitive, Void Vault to help manage player inventory, graphical overhauls, boss health bars, UI improvements including more customization, and more. Includes a split screen interface. Also noteworthy are the Town Pylons and NPC Happiness, which extend the town system, and ultimately add the ability to build teleport networks in towns around the world.


Terraria Journey’s End confirmed on Switch

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