Terraria: Journey’s End on Nintendo Switch in January

Developers Behind Massive Updates to Popular Video Games Terraria In January, we announced that it will be installed in the Nintendo Switch system. Originally delivered to the PC last year, the Journey’s End update provided game owners with a new way to play over 1000 new items in their games to find and create new bosses and more. Land on Nintendo Switch on January 4th.

I am aware that there is a big problem, “Why don’t you come out by the end of the year when you are so close now?” The reality is that companies, including Nintendo, are approaching the year-end and New Year holidays. As you know, that means a lot of people go on vacation or a complete closure of the company. “

“For example, when released in December, it creates a scenario where if a bug or problem occurs, it’s essentially unfixable until mid-range (even if it’s fixed immediately in DR). January. The unfortunate dynamics of this time of year. This will release updates as soon as possible in the new year and avoid that risk. “

“I’m confident in this build, but every release has some bugs and I don’t want to put everyone in a situation where there’s a problem that no one can address. That said, the team is still testing and Continue to fix and go ahead and get everything that’s already in the queue. “


Terraria: Journey’s End coming to Nintendo Switch in January

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