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Tesla FSD Beta has been put to ultimate testing: driving in a weakened city

YouTuber’s Cf Tesla shared his experience with FSD Beta this week while navigating a weakened city. This actually evoked the memory of late August when Hurricane Ida seized power across southeastern Louisiana. New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and many small towns have been powerless for weeks or months. When we were finally able to travel safely in Baton Rouge, I went to the store with a friend or rode a Uber and almost all the traffic lights were off. Louisiana has crazy drivers, so you can imagine the turmoil that was happening here.

Importantly, driving in this situation helped teach Tesla’s neural nets how to operate in the event of a disaster and gave us hope for the future.

In the video, the host is using FSD Beta 10.3.1 to drive 27 miles to the client’s home. The goal is to see how many times his car comes off and how to handle each of those situations. One notable thing that the car did with the FSD beta was to keep away from the roadside people smoothly. Another improvement was that I didn’t want to move around the car in front of me when I saw the next lane moving at the red light.

He approached the city with a power outage about three minutes after the video. He didn’t think the car would understand the situation, so he explained that he would need to take over. As he was about to take over, the car proved he was wrong and handled the situation perfectly.

“Now the city is turned off, so this is something that cars can’t handle at the moment. Opportunities are for cars, so this has to be taken over manually. I’m going. Waiting for our turn. Masu — Oh no! No! It treats it like a stop sign! Holy cow! Look at it, and it handles it perfectly! “

“I’m very impressed with 10.3 right now, which means it takes a while to say that the brake check wasn’t done. That we hit the brakes all the way down the road before we did it. Wasn’t there. “

He explained that when the car encountered a non-functioning traffic light, he was just driving normally and handled them perfectly. He added that there was no stop sign at the intersection and the car saw the lights off and was waiting for its turn. This is what the driver is supposed to do when the signal is stopped. Treat it like a four-way pause.

“There was no pause sign to read to determine that it was a four-way pause. It did it on its own. It’s very impressive.”

He was planning to turn left as he approached the next intersection where the traffic lights were not working, but he said he wanted to enter the right lane. He didn’t know why, but he chose to move it. When they crossed the intersection, the cars didn’t work as perfectly as they did at the first intersection. Instead, it hesitated, so the driver took over and passed the intersection. He immediately headed for the next signal and made a third attempt to pass the signal that FSD Beta was not functioning. When it was his turn to go, it stopped instead of going.

In the fourth attempt, this was a left turn at a non-functioning traffic light and ran the turn without question. What this driver didn’t do through all this was withdrawal. He had to press the accelerator with three of the five lights that were off, but FSD Beta was in use all the time.

“this is beta Now it did it. So in my opinion, 100% yes, I was very impressed. “

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Tesla FSD Beta has been put to ultimate testing: driving in a weakened city Tesla FSD Beta has been put to ultimate testing: driving in a weakened city

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