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Tesla has already won. No need for “help” from intellectually dishonest fans.

Screenshots of the tweets that influenced this article.

I recently had an interesting conversation on Twitter with an avid Tesla fan. After seeing a contextually dishonest tweet about Volkswagen’s Electrify America network, I told the guy that Tesla doesn’t have to do anything dishonest to protect it. Its charging network is currently the best in the United States. Tesla doesn’t have to cheat to win, it’s just far more advanced than other networks, and such an approach can actually hurt the Tesla brand.

After saying this, I don’t identify anyone who accuses me of being overly emotional (because I’m a woman) (I don’t want to “doxx” or “brigade” them ), A man’s “just a fact” tweet. And that’s what he kept saying over and over again: he presented only the facts.

However, I don’t want to write the whole article for one bad tweet. There’s no shortage of bad takes on Twitter, and sometimes I make them. What I want to do here is to learn from what happened. That way, you can be a better Tesla fan to support your brand instead of hurting it.

“Facts” are worthless without context

The discussion I entered reminds me of what I learned in a college photojournalism class. When you take out a still camera or camcorder to cover an event, the camera will never lie unless you make unauthorized edits. On the other hand, where you point your object, how far you zoom in, and the angle you use all affect how honest your photos really represent the event.

Often there is a temptation to crop the image tightly around something like a protest to create an interesting image, but there are far more dishonest people with cameras than they really are. You can make a protest that agrees that you seem to have participated. Conversely, the protests that the photographer opposes can make it look like almost no one has appeared, leaving just a lot of free space in the frame.

In both cases, the image is the actual image of the event in question, arguably a “mere fact”, but the context is important. The “facts” are honest in their entirety, either by choosing what to present, by being careful to present things in a favorable or unfavorable light, or by showing only part of what happened. The truth that can be used to distort as easily as it can be used to present to.

How dishonest this particular tweet was

I know there are readers who immediately defend the tweet I’m using as an example here. After all, that’s good for Tesla (and of course $ TSLA).The truth is told, Volkswagen I got ID.4 nationwide and spent 18 days.. It’s a fact, it’s a fact, isn’t it?

As I pointed out earlier, facts alone are not honest. What facts you choose to present, what you choose to ignore, and what you compare is also a factor. Let’s take a look at some facts that put Volkswagen’s 18-day trip in full context.

First, you can use Volkswagen’s Electrify America network to cross the country much faster than in the 18th. At the time of this writing, the current EV Cannonball record (the fastest trip from New York to Los Angeles) was set by the Porsche Taycan team. They did this in 44 hours and 26 minutes, despite facing some difficulties with Porsche and the Electrify America network. This time, made possible by Porsche’s multi-speed transmission and maximum charge rate of 270 kW, several cross-country routes are currently open.

Sure, ID.4 doesn’t charge that fast and probably consumes more power than a small, fast-charging Porsche, so you need to collect more context to see what’s possible. ..

The Better Route Planner (known to be reliable and fairly accurate) shows that driving from New York to Los Angeles within 5% of the speed limit takes ID.4 in less than 55 hours. .. If you’re stopping at a hotel along the way, rather than teaming up with other drivers to do it all at once, it makes sense to drive 11 hours a day for relatively easy driving. That means the trip is possible in about 5 days. If you only want to drive for 9 hours every day, do it on the 6th.

If you only want to drive 8 hours a day, you can drive in a week. It’s still 11 days less than Volkswagen took.

The only reason the Volkswagen team took 18 days to travel was that they were slowly following a scenic route.

Image by Volkswagen.

They traveled from New York to Washington, DC, Chicago, and Florida, and when they finally crossed the continent, they made many detours to places such as Dallas and Marfa, Texas ().Home of the famous Marfa Light Illusion).

So yes, they took 18 days to travel the country, but could have been faster and easier if they wanted. Making it sound like it actually takes 18 days to travel around the country with a Volkswagen ID.4 is not an honest expression of the facts in some circumstances.

Tesla we don’t have to do this

What’s particularly ridiculous about this is that you don’t need it. Jeez. why? There are many things Tesla is better than Volkswagen’s ID.4, so we don’t have to be dishonest or play stupid games.

When it comes to supercharged networks, there are stations in many places that Electrify America doesn’t have. The maximum charge rate of ID.4 is half that of most new Tesla cars. Supercharging is plug and play. To be honest, ID.4 allows you to go to far fewer places without messing around with out-of-context facts or stretching the truth, slowing you down and increasing the hassle of charging. I can do it.

The vehicle is also excellent. In terms of performance, Tesla’s cheaper Model Y is seconds faster than ID.4 from 0 mph to 60 mph. Model Y is available with 7 seats. The ADAS function is better. Model Y has excellent traction ability. You can also list how Model Y beats ID.4 all day long.

All of these are facts that are verifiable in context and have not been extended. They are more than enough.

Conclusion: Nothing can be gained by playing stupid games or misrepresenting facts. Tesla wins a mile without doing it. The only thing that can be achieved to be intellectually dishonest is to make the Tesla community look bad.

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Tesla has already won. No need for “help” from intellectually dishonest fans. Tesla has already won. No need for “help” from intellectually dishonest fans.

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