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Tesla’s AI Director Shares New Projects Tesla Is Adopting

Andrej Karpathy, director of Tesla’s artificial intelligence (AI), shared a thread this week about a new project his team is working on. He also shared some video footage from there. The thread is, in a nutshell, an invitation for anyone interested in helping Tesla solve this particular problem. They want you to apply for a job.

Karpathy said the video was a panoramic segmentation from a new project and was too raw to run in the car. Therefore, instead, they are feeding it to an automatic labeler.

In AI, panoramic segmentation is the task of clustering parts of an image that belong to the same object class. Another term for this is pixel-level classification. Divide an image or video frame into multiple segments or objects. NS Automatic labeler Just label the unlabeled raw data. Labeling helps AI understand the meaning of patterns. PatternEx There is a detailed article Use the Pandora app as an example for this term. When you listen to a song and point your thumb up, you’re basically saying that you like the song. This is labeling. Another example is when a parent reads a book to a baby, taps the image of the dog and says the word “dog”.

So, to explain Andrew’s tweet in layman’s terms, he simply says that the video is from a new project that clusters parts of images / videos that belong to the same object class and labels them via AI. I’m saying. The goal is to further improve the system so that AI can see the world better in a complete, inclusive, human (but actually superhuman) way.

Karpathy noted that this task is still in its infancy and Tesla needs help to complete these panoramic segmentation forecasts and achieve downstream impact.

Who will help Tesla?Anyone who wants You can apply to join the team here..

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Tesla’s AI Director Shares New Projects Tesla Is Adopting Tesla’s AI Director Shares New Projects Tesla Is Adopting

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