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WeTest Global has announced the global availability of its new subscription-based testing software, WeTest.Created for developers, this software enables functional testing, compatibility testing, automated testing, performance testing and monitoring, security testing, real-world devices and more. The details are as follows.

  • Functional testing- Supported by game testing experts including all cores
    Output detailed test report including the specified scenario of the game and the test process
  • Compatibility test – Provides automated manual expert testing.
    1,000 popular models around the world, covering 70% of the world’s users.
  • Performance solution – Includes client and server performance testing. Genuine delivery-
    Continuous performance monitoring from R & D to operational phase.

Tibor Toth, Supercell’s Quality Assurance Lead, commented on the service:

“”For quite some time, we’ve been looking for an efficient solution built to test our games that provides easy-to-use, yet reliable results. WeTest Global found what you were looking for. Run competitive performance tests on hundreds of devices and easily analyze the results.

For pricing, automated testing starts at $ 4 per device per hour, and compatibility services start at $ 8 per device.
Devices and expert features start at $ 17 per hour. This service is already used by PUBG Mobile and all Supercell games.

Check the official WeTest website for more information.

Testing Platform WeTest Announced

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