Tetris Effect: Connected review – the ultimate puzzle game

Tetris Effect: Connected – Connected (Photo: Enhance)

The new version of Tetris Effect adds a new addictive multiplayer mode to create the definitive version of the world’s most popular puzzle game.

The restart of the game, first released in 1984, is not the most obvious hit Release title of Xbox Series X. Tetris Effect: Connected doesn’t require any next-generation technical tricks like ray tracing, but Tetris isn’t a regular puzzle game, it’s the most popular and recognizable video ever created. It’s one of the games. Tetris Effect: Connected emphasizes that block-matching puzzles somehow remain relevant even after all these decades.

Tetris’s head may be familiar with the Tetris Effect, a 2018 Tetris rework created by Lesbian Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Lumines’ fame (the latter itself is strongly influenced by Tetris). Basically, Tetris Effect: Connected is Tetris Effect 2.0, which adds online and local collaborative and competitive play to the Tetris Effect blueprint.

Anyone who has played Lumines (and to some extent Rez) will recognize Mizuguchi’s hand with Tetris Effect: Connected. Mizuguchi is not only a great game developer, but also a great musician who is particularly good at creating melodic trance and ambient soundscapes, and his games always have compelling music and clearly psychedelic visuals. It is fused. That atmosphere is very well represented in Tetris Effect: Connected. This provides a wonderful and captivating experience and can be Zen-like calming. Until these blocks reach the point where it begins to rain rapidly.

The procedure can become enthusiastic very quickly when you play against someone else online. There are insanely dexterous Tetris players out there who seem to take their falling blocks very seriously. However, you can also play against your family locally using different rule sets. Tetris Effect: Connected allows you to perform “soft” and “hard” drops of blocks. In addition, you can queue unwanted blocks.

There is also a zone mechanic. This temporarily freezes everything so you can focus on filling the horizon. However, if you don’t like all the sounds, you can choose to use the old school Tetris rules if you prefer.

Tetris Effect: Connected really shines when you play against up to two other people, online or locally. Initially, you and your partner will focus on completing as many lines as possible (using computer-controlled “enemy”) to do the same. You also have to negotiate periods of turmoil that ruin the board, and sometimes you have to deal with huge non-standard blocks.

However, if you fill in enough rows, you and your cooperating player’s boards will be merged into a double or triple wide arena. You should insert blocks in order into this arena to fill as many rows as possible. The more you fill, the more it confuses your mutual enemies. It’s a more truly collaborative gameplay than anyone can understand (because there’s no way to communicate with other players) and it’s guaranteed to give your face a smile.

When you play Tetris Effect: Connected solo, you’ll be amazed at the ability of such a simple game to have different modes and support different gameplay. Journey mode displays a series of Tetris boards, each with a different board and music, and gradually increases in difficulty as you progress (recently, successful solos or online will increase the level like a role-playing game ).

Tetris Effect: Connected screenshot

Tetris Effect: Connected – A fun alternative to Tetris 99 (Photo: Enhance)

The effects mode is a pick-and-mix that includes all possible variations of Tetris and is designed to suit the mood of any moment. Choosing it will allow you, for example, to play short matches aimed at completing as many lines as possible, or marathons with relatively low speed levels. For example, you can see how fast you can reach it. , 150 lines are completed.

All cleverly equipped clear and combo timing challenges (with respect to a given block), playlists designed to help you relax, and some games where you have to clear certain blocks to succeed ..

It’s all astonishing at the essential variety of Tetris’ basic ideas. No matter what type of Tetris player you are, you will find something in an effect mode that almost induces attachment.

Tetris Effect: Connected may not stand out as the most important game to buy when delivering an Xbox Series X or S. The new features will then be released as free DLC for existing PlayStation, PC, and Oculus Quest versions. summer. However, this is the best update of the original Tetris effect and is worth getting only in co-op mode.

Its amazing versatility and generally calm atmosphere make it a great lockdown game. If you have a free game pass, it’s easy to download. Whatever your expectations for it, Tetris Effect: Connected will surprise you. Given that we all know exactly what Tetris looks like, it’s a kind of revelation.

Tetris Effect: Summary of connected reviews

in short: Undoubtedly one of the most famous and lasting video games in history, it’s the definitive edition with the highly welcomed new multiplayer capabilities.

Pros: A well-designed co-operative with great music and visuals. There are a variety of game modes that are surprisingly diverse and will satisfy any mood.

Cons: Disadvantages: Does not use the additional features of the Xbox Series X / S.

Score: 9/10

Formats: Xbox Series X / S (Reviewed), Xbox One, and PC
Price: £ 33.49
Publisher: Enhance
Developers: Monstars, Resonair, and Stage Games
Release date: November 10, 2020
Age rating: 3

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Tetris Effect: Connected review – the ultimate puzzle game

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