Tetris Effect: PS4 and PC connected on August 18th

Announced by Enhance and Tetris Company Tetris Effect: Connected It will be released on August 18th as a free update for PS4, PC and Oculus Quest games.

update, First released exclusively on Xbox in November, Adds some new multiplayer modes to the 2018 game. This includes connected, zone battles, and classic 1v1 score attacks where players team up with AI-controlled bosses.

In addition, updating the game in all formats will add cross-platform play, a new spectator mode Other features revealed last month.. This update will coincide with the debut of the game on Steam on PC, previously exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

Get the Steam version in the first two weeks and get 25% off, as well as 7 themed avatars, 11 PC desktop wallpapers and 7 track soundtrack samplers for game songs.

Tetris Effect: Connected Released on Steam on August 18, it will be available for download as a free update for PlayStation 4, Oculus Quest, and PC games.

Tetris Effect: Connected dated for August 18 launch on PS4 and PC

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