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Tevva secures millions of pounds to develop long-distance electric trucks

Electric truck pioneer Tevva has received £ 4.2 million from the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Center (APC). This grant will help fund the development of Tevva’s next generation, zero emissions, long-range medium-duty trucks (total vehicle weight of 7.5-19 tonnes).

The grant is a £ 12.2 million collaboration between Tevva and Advanced Electric Machines (AEM), an internationally recognized designer and manufacturer with the vision of building the world’s most sustainable motors. It will be used to promote the SANGREAL project.

Since the electrification of the medium to heavy truck market has been largely overlooked, Tevva and AEM have combined existing world-class experience in the electrification of commercial vehicles to extend the range of Tevva’s fuel cells to medium to heavy commercial vehicles. Accelerate development. 7.5-19 tonnes of “back to base” electric vehicles for the logistics market.

The project includes an innovative telematics-equipped electric transaxle and intelligent designed to optimize the use of the H2 fuel cell range extender to increase range and reliability and enable predictive and preventive services. Includes the design and development of vehicle propulsion control systems.

SANGREAL creates and protects key UK-based research and manufacturing jobs, bringing cost and environmental benefits to industry as well as social stakeholders and the general public. The UK remains at the forefront of the global fight against climate change to solidify its position as a global leader in the development of sustainable low-carbon automotive technology and to continue its Build Back Better commitment. Is guaranteed.

Kenscot, Tevva’s chief engineer, said: “We are humbled and proud to receive this grant to continue developing Tevva’s innovative technologies in the EV market. We truly own it compared to existing diesel products. We are developing zero-emission solutions for heavier-class “back-to-base” logistics vehicles that offer cost benefits. This is a truly innovative extension of the industry. This funding will help make this happen in the near future. “

Jon Beasley, Business Development and Program Director at Advanced Propulsion Center, said: “The automotive industry is at a crucial point. The good idea is not to move the decarbonization dials unless they are on the road and replace the more polluted technology.

“The future movement of people and goods needs to be efficient and environmentally friendly. To meet the UK government’s plan to phase out the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles and vans from 2030. In addition, the decarbonization of automobiles is actually progressing, but the route of medium-sized and large-sized vehicles and long-distance transportation is not so clear.

“Decarbonizing buses, HDVs and off-highway vehicles requires further innovation and technological development, so we are pleased to support Tevva and Advanced Electric Machines to offer breakthrough projects such as SANGREAL. increase.”

James Widmer, CEO of Advanced Electric Machines, said: “These new technologies are expected to provide market-leading performance when deployed. We are impressed with Tevva’s progress to maintain a heavy zero-emission truck. We recognize the company’s true potential to develop breakthrough technology. We are confident that the funding provided by this grant will help advance the clean freight industry. ”

Tevva secures millions of pounds to develop long-distance electric trucks Tevva secures millions of pounds to develop long-distance electric trucks

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