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Texas truck driver honored to help a woman at the scene of the accident

A Texas professional driver has recently been recognized for his actions at the scene of the accident in May.

Truckload Carriers Association named Addis Tekelu in New Braunfels, Texas Highway Angel For her suffering from a medical emergency and stopping to rescue a woman after leaving the road to the woodlands.

Description of TCA:

AdisequelTekelu traveled south on US Route 59 on the afternoon of May 18, a few miles south of Diboll, Texas. The pickup truck in front of him moved to his right shoulder, and after a while he drove off the road and soon disappeared into a wooded area. wood. Tekelu stopped and ran back where the driver was off the road. “I immediately called 911 and asked the coordinator to show me what to do,” he said. The vehicle was not visible from the road. Tekelu followed the tire trails from where the vehicle ran off the road to the woodlands. He found a pickup covered with brushes and branches.

“I saw a woman trapped in a car with a laceration on her head,” he said. He soon began removing debris and arrived at the driver. “The windshield shattered and the driver’s side was crushed.” Tekelu was unable to open the driver’s door, but continued to work and removed enough debris from the rear door to open the door. rice field. He climbed to check the driver. “I asked if she could move, but she was shocked,” he said. “I kept talking to her, and she asked me to call her husband, then I asked her if I could pray for her, and she I said so, and we prayed together. “Tekelu was with the driver until the first responders arrived. He was surprised that the driver was able to walk alone. “I’m glad she was safe and I’m glad she helped me,” he said.

Police reported that the driver in his 60s experienced a fainting medical emergency. “It’s hard to believe that a poor woman was able to get out of it safely,” Tököl added.

He has been driving for 10 years. “I’m originally from Ethiopia,” he said. “I have seen a lot in my life. From 1984 to 1985 we were in a state of great civil war. Many were hungry. I am one of the surviving children. I learned to be kind and love. Love has no color or boundaries, “he said. “This is a wonderful country that gives me the opportunity to enjoy the American dream. I know that God protects me and I want to serve him. One loves people and Be kind. We need to do the right thing there, especially truck drivers. We are the backbone of this country. ”

The TCA presented him with certificates, patches, company emblems, and truck decals for his willingness to help. His employer has also received a certificate recognizing their driver as a highway angel.

Since the program began in August 1997, approximately 1,300 professional truck drivers have been recognized as highway angels for their exemplary tenderness, courtesy and courage during work.

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Texas truck driver honored to help a woman at the scene of the accident Texas truck driver honored to help a woman at the scene of the accident

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