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TFR drops to ease pressure on infrastructure and resources

India is not impressive, while it is estimated that 12 to 13 million jobs will need to be created each year to earn the demographic dividend.

India’s total fertility rate (TFR) is 2.0, according to the National Federation of State High School Health Survey 2019-21 (NFHS 5), and is currently below the exchange rate of 2.1. This shows that the country’s population is stable and will eventually enter into an absolute decline. It is also a testament to the strength of the country’s family planning efforts, given over a decade ago, and the world’s top agency working on population estimation says India will have a replacement rate of 2.1 by 2040 at the earliest. I believed that I would reach.

NFHS data show an increase in voluntary intake of contraception, including sterilization. This can be due to an increase in educational background, especially among females. The decline in infant mortality is also a factor.

NFHS 5 found that the prevalence of contraception soared from the previous round, with modern contraceptive use of 56.5%, a significant increase from 47.8% just five years ago. This in turn means that the unfulfilled need for contraception, which was still a concern a few years ago, has been significantly reduced.

This is a good sign overall. However, reading against the declining labor force participation rate of women, it suggests that the reduction of the burden of long-term care that women are disproportionately burdened with in the economy does not actually lead to an increase in job seekers by women. Therefore, policy initiatives may be needed to further reduce the burden of long-term care for women and promote job hunting.

That said, reducing the strain on resources is only a reason for cheers, especially when the effects of climate change are expected to overwhelm many resources. If pressure on infrastructure is eased (almost all areas, from health care to affordable mass transit, are currently suffering from significant inadequacies), economic benefits and standards of living for citizens will certainly be. It is important.

The fact that India’s population remains overwhelmingly young over the coming decades, despite its overall population on the path to stability and eventually declining, makes development goals more efficient. It also provides an opportunity to realize it. But without the deeper efforts this newspaper has maintained to increase human potential through education, medical improvement and skills, this opportunity can be lost. In such scenarios, social security needs can become a major challenge as current generations age without meaningful economic growth, or in scenarios where growth is automation-led and does not fully penetrate the masses. there is. India is not impressive, while it is estimated that 12 to 13 million jobs will need to be created each year to earn the demographic dividend.

The pandemic exacerbated this — even if it became more formalized. SBI According to the survey, based on pension fund data, the net increase in new salaries (re-enrollment / re-enrollment) in FY2009 decreased by 1.6 million compared to FY2008. How strongly manufacturing PLI will be added to job creation has not yet been seen, as is the effectiveness of new skill initiatives.

The decline in TFR also means that India does not have the mandatory need for demographic legislation like Uttar Pradesh (although the state still posts TFRs that exceed the exchange rate). TFR trends over the last two decades have already pointed out the uselessness of this. Such legislation may serve narrow and divisive political objectives, but the dangers of this are evident from the experience of China and Singapore.

As the Indian newspaper quotes Dr. Srinath Lady of PHFI, this decline also means that there is little excuse for India’s lack of commitment to the environment and conservation. Population pressure is often cited in development and environmental discussions.

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TFR drops to ease pressure on infrastructure and resources TFR drops to ease pressure on infrastructure and resources

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