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TFSA Investors: One Diverse Real Estate Stock To Buy Today

Prolite (TSX: PRV.UN) Diversified portfolio Of commercial real estate across Canada. Founded in March 2013, the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) focuses primarily on the strong secondary markets of Quebec, the Atlantic Coast of Canada and Ontario, and has selective exposure in western Canada. The REIT market is made up of a stable economy and shows strong real estate fundamentals. Many of the target markets are made up of fragmented ownership. Management believes that commercial real estate in these markets represents a compelling valuation compared to similar real estate in other Canadian regions.

Attractive target market

As of December 31, 2020, REITs owned 91 commercial properties with a total leasable area (GLA) of over 4.5 million square feet. REITs have increased their real estate portfolio from $ 6.1 million in early 2013 to more than $ 618 million on December 31, 2020. Experienced senior management team, Has knowledge and relationships in the REIT’s target market. Management has over 50 years of experience in acquiring, managing and financing Canadian real estate and has a total of approximately $ 4.2 billion in commercial real estate transactions.

Extensive management experience

REIT management has an extensive network of relationships and contacts in the Canadian real estate industry, has special experience in REIT target markets, and supports REIT growth. REIT executive officers have extensive relationships with a wide network of real estate owners and service professionals across Canada, leveraging these relationships to raise quality acquisitions. REITs aim to maintain strong and effective governance with a majority of independent trustees with extensive experience in Canada’s commercial real estate and capital markets.

Maximize long-term unit price

Based on management experience in the Quebec, Atlantic, Alberta, and Ontario markets, we have a unique and valuable set of skills and relationships that can be leveraged for the benefit of REITs. The purpose of REITs is to provide tax-effectively stable and growing cash distributions from investors in Canadian real estate investments, expand the REIT’s asset base, and increase the value of REIT’s assets for maximum long-term Is to become. Unit value.

Diversified portfolio

REITs expand and diversify a company’s portfolio to reduce the exposure of REITs to specific real estate, locations, tenants, or industries. REITs can be acquired using investment criteria that focus on cash flow security, potential rent increases, potential capital appreciation, operational efficiency potential, and ability to raise funds on attractive terms. Identify the sex. REIT acquisition strategies are dynamic, allowing REITs to adapt to changing economic, real estate and capital market conditions.

Growth opportunities

Management sees the opportunity to increase the value of REIT portfolios by optimizing performance through a number of internal and external growth initiatives designed to increase cash flow from REIT operating activities. REIT portfolios are diversified by asset class among office, retail, industrial and commercial multipurpose properties. This diversification should significantly reduce risk and lead to outperformance in the long run.

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TFSA Investors: One Diverse Real Estate Stock To Buy Today TFSA Investors: One Diverse Real Estate Stock To Buy Today

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