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Thailand tops Bloomberg’s emerging market list

According to Bloomberg’s survey of 17 developing markets that measure the outlook for 2021, Thailand and Russia are among the prominent emerging markets that could exceed expectations for next year.

Thailand topped the list due to its solid reserves and likely portfolio inflows, while Russia ranked second thanks to its undervalued rubles, as well as its strong external accounts and strong financial profile. Won.

Government spokesman Anucha Brapachaisli today welcomed Prime Minister and Defense Minister Prayut Chan-Ocha to rank Thailand as number one on Bloomberg’s top list of emerging markets, thanks to the government for the Thai economy. He reported that he showed a high probability of recovery.With economic stimulus investment Promotional measures.

US media companies have conducted a 2021 outlook survey in 17 emerging markets covering Thailand, Russia, China and South Korea. Malaysia,and Indonesia, And based on 11 indicators of economic and financial performance.

Among these markets, Thailand has won the top ranks thanks to its national reserves and potential portfolio inflows.

There remains concern that global vaccination distribution may be left behind, especially among poor developing countries, and emerging markets are certainly in the Covid era, including those that are particularly dependent, such as Thailand. Is hitting the growth of. Tourism.

That said, according to a Bloomberg survey, analysts are showing high growth next year for some of the most hit analysts in 2020.

Thailand tops Bloomberg’s emerging market list Thailand tops Bloomberg’s emerging market list

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