That night, the river of blood is soaked in the long night of the vignette that I care about.

I have a temporary and uneasy feeling that I often look for in games. Anxiety about not being able to sleep for a long time, melancholy anxiety after drinking too many cups in an unfamiliar city. I think it’s a walk away from Taylor Sweetansky’s “That Night, Steep by Blood River” sensation.

Help it be bloody and gorgeous, heart.

Released last week, Steeped By Blood River is another video game slash poem by the creator of a caged bird. It will not get caught in the wire and fly. When a good canary is called, it sings like it sings. The best friend of the writer who cares.

Don’t fly like a caged bird […], Steeped By Blood River is another series of seriously low fidelity vignettes. This time around, we’re surrounding a kind of dirty motel full of surrealist secrets. Each room, rather every night, offers a fresh dreamlike landscape. A highway that burns in the neon sunset. A repressed, sepia-dyed waiting room. A monochrome spiral staircase leading to a long empty house. Each step separated by a separate form for signing and submitting before the next door opens.

There is a Twitter bot that I love, “Limited space“It’s like an empty space trapped somewhere else and nothing in particular. A shopping center after dark, an early morning airport lounge. Swietanski’s empty room is this half-memory It feels like it fits perfectly into the void lineup. It’s a fuzzy, confusing place lineup with the undercurrent of deeply isolating anxiety.

The shallow waters of the Steeped By Blood River also have some tips for my favorite work so far in this easy-to-walk, flimsy indie game space. Stunning low resolution look and soundscape reminiscent of Dreamfeel curtains. A stylish transition that is more fluid yet immediately reminiscent of Blendo Games’ 30 Flights Of Loving.

But above all, Swietanski’s work has a big impact on the kind of things I was working on before the game development was exhausted. Perhaps it’s a selfish joy to see these ideas take shape in ways I never imagined.

That night, the Steeped By Blood River can be downloaded for free from Itch.

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That Night, Steeped By Blood River is a long night of anxious vignettes

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