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At this point in his career Kamaru Usman Clearly has established itself as the top welterweight on the planet, but the current UFC champion says the suspicious person is being driven to continue to prove wrong.

“In fact, it’s interesting. The tip is still on my shoulder,” Usman told MMA Junkie. “In fact, it’s almost even bigger now. Still, for some reason, people don’t want to give you the respect they deserve, but that’s what it is. . “

It wasn’t easy for Usman to jump to the top of the UFC’s £ 170 division. After serving as the fighter who won the team-based Ultimate Fighter 21 final, Usman had to win eight more straight games before he could win the title. His streak was impressive, but his well-honed wrestling-based style didn’t necessarily make Usman a fan favorite.

But even the most ironic critics will have a hard time finding mistakes in any of the recent victories such as Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington, Tyron Woodley, Rafael dos Anjos and Demian Maia. ..

But “Nigeria’s Nightmare” said he would always have a little advantage, even if he became the most beloved athlete in the game.

“When I got into this, the chip was still on my shoulder because it wasn’t for Legacy,” Usman said. “It wasn’t fame, money, or anything of that nature. It was just about competing and proving that you were the best, that you could be the best of your time. That’s my way of thinking, and it’s still my way of thinking. The biggest reason it drives me is competition. As long as there is competition, and as long as I am, that’s the biggest thing. I myself I have to be honest with myself. I am honest with myself, still capable, and want to be the best I can. The tip is still heavy on my shoulders. “

Usman has already won two successful defenses of his title and he will get a chance in one-third UFC 258Will be held on February 13th at UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

Usman (17-1 MMA, 12-0 UFC) will face former training partner Gilbert Burns (19-3 MMA, 12-3 UFC) in the evening’s main event. Stylistically, it’s an interesting match, where “Dulinho” not only empowers your legs, but also has some very dangerous Jiu-Jitsu that can be a problem in a fierce fighting attack.

However, Usman has recently found a way to shut down the enemy altogether. He believes that his mental strength can boost his success and do it again.

“My heart is better than all these guys in the current department, to the point of relying on him,” Usman said. “They tell us what this will be. If they do their homework in the right way and are ready, they will have another fight from me, as we saw in the Battle of Covington. Maybe he can pull out. He came ready and pulled out such a fight from me. But if not ready, like everything at the end of my fight, it’s It will be one-sided. It will be a one-sided hit, so leave it to him.

“We haven’t trained together for quite some time, so we’ve added some new wrinkles to the game. I’m sure they won’t come, so watch what happens. I’m going, but I’m sitting at the top. “

Check out the full interview with Usman in the video below.

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That tip is still heavy on my shoulder before UFC258 That tip is still heavy on my shoulder before UFC258

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