That WW84 cameo and what it means for WW3

CS Soapbox: That WW84 cameo and what it means for WW3

Wonder Woman 1984 It’s a strange movie. It’s not a bad movie, keep in mind, it’s just a weird movie.In all directions Patty Jenkins and Co. were able to take Diana, the most villainous of the Amazon villains, they were the wacky torn her straight from that Hawaiian episode. Decided to throw in the middle of the Wish Stone Conspiracy Happy Brady.. no matter. The movie is destined to make a fortune, as more than 50% of HBO Max users have already watched it on Christmas Day. Regardless of the reaction of the audience (which seems to be quite polarized at the moment), Warner Bros. found it suitable for quickly fast-forwarding the third movie, written and directed by Jenkins. ..

Obviously, Jenkins (in the voice of the Joker) I have a plan For Diana, especially the post-credit cameo Lynda Carter who saw OG Wonder Woman (played Diana) Wonder woman The television series, broadcast from 1975 to 1979, appears as a mysterious Asteria.

will WW3 See Diana Square Off for Lynda Carter? Will it be set in the 90’s? Will Steve Trevor come back again? We are here to do what we know about movies so far and provide very important insights into what will happen. read!

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DAT cameo

On the way WW84, Semi-reborn Steve Trevor bumps into the golden armor Diana stored in the corner of the apartment. The scene raises some questions, the least of which is why Diana hides the legendary golden armor in the corner of the apartment? (Answer: Because it is necessary for the finale – Naturally!And where did this armor come from?

After all, armor once belonged to the powerful Amazon Asteria. Asteria was able to use it to thwart a bunch of good rotten men and let her sister escape from the endless barking of cats to Themyscira. Diana explains that Asteria was presumed to have died after her critical position — and probably left naked somewhere because her armor was found without a body — it was an Amazonian. One … no, led to two tall jobs: in honor of her building statues and hosting a lot of Olympic-style games.

Here’s a twist: Asteria isn’t dead at all — So, f ** k the statue! In fact, she is very alive, completely happy wandering around the world decorated with blue ponchos, and randomly and carefully saving people. Asteria clearly knows she’s shit, as evidenced by her outright theatrical camera turn-and-pose, but the question remains: how Asteria lives. ?? Is she good or bad? And why is she 70 years old?

Note: Asteria appears only twice in Wonder Woman’s cartoons and has a complex relationship with Zeus in Greek mythology. However, none of these sources are of great help in understanding the characters that Lynda Carter portrays.


The street word is that Patty Jenkins already has two Wonder Woman stories mapped to her brain. “This story continues with movies that I may or may not direct.” The director said EW, “But there are two more stories that complete this story, all about women stepping in as women in the most affectionate, kind, pure and natural way. And who to do. You can make a difference in the world without changing it. “

So she finally included Carter’s cameo WW84And seeing that the new movie is basically Pedro Pascal’s apparently one huge homage to the original television series leading up to the barbaric villain, Jenkins’ plans are in future installments. It can be inferred that it contains Asteria / Carter in some form or form.

Perhaps it will be an extended cameo. One of those moments you know, the writer is stuck, the hero is stuck and need some answers? Diana turns to the camera and says, “I know someone to help.” Then we cut into a bad rotten man stealing a purse from a woman, then a mysterious person came forward and easily knocked him down and said “(something witty)” and then He threw his purse back at the woman and suddenly inspired a young girl sitting nearby. Diana will say “(something witty)” from the camera, Asteria turns to see Diana and hugs her friend with a smile. “I thought she was dead,” he would declare foolishly. Then get a descriptive dump that reveals how Asteria escaped her destiny. Somehow, somehow, somehow … the end scene.

Alternatively, Jenkins may villain Asteria from another angle. This allows Diana to set up a unique story of learning some difficult truths about the Amazon, her mother, and her position in space. This is a story that could be associated with Jenkins. Planned Amazon spin-off! Disagreeable. It will be a cameo.

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World war III

What we know about Wonder Woman Troyes is that WB is completely comfortable with the tones established in. WW84.. This means that Diana is likely to get something equivalent to a terrifying mall sequence that fights three rumblings. Home alone-A villain who goes from toe to toe against beings from other planets than any villain in Diana Batman vs Superman Or in the future Zack Snyder’s Justice League Joss Whedon’s Justice League Snyder’s Cut.. Each independently.

The film also allows you to explore further with the last seen Cat-ra Cheetah, which appears to have lost power towards the camera at the end. WW84.. In comics, the cheetah basically acts as Diana’s joker. WW84 Basically, I avoided all cartoon-inspired versions of the characters. There are plenty of unique stories that Sleekell can tackle.

Or — and this is a bit of a stretch — as there are many rumors that Chris Pine may return to the All-Star. flash In the movie, Steve Trevor could actually be brought into the modern world and see his funny montage of understanding mobile phones. Avoid conversations centered around the feeling of being dead or walking. For the skin of someone else. What would a Wonder Woman movie be without Steve Trevor and Amyrite?

Of course, if Jenkins wants to stay true to the TV show, she can always adapt one of the many quirky plot lines in the series. Some have to defeat Diana’s crazy disco psychics, some fight businessmen trying to dominate the skateboarding industry, and some fight giant gorillas. Sure, the plot line sounds ridiculous, but if you wrote, “Diana takes on the oil king destroyed by a powerful stone of wishes,” you would think it also sounded stupid.

With all the seriousness WW84 Diana’s characterization is much closer to Lynda Carter’s heroine than Zack Snyder. It’s not a criticism, it’s just an observation. In the TV series, Diana was a nifty superheroine, not only looking for a little guy and using her power to kill the bad guys, but also mainly due to budgetary restrictions, but the point is still clear.

To WW84, Jenkins further moved Diana away from the initial portrayal of Snyder’s character, and Carter’s involvement probably solidifies this current direction of progress no matter where. Snyder’s Justice League I’ll take her. Combine it with WB’s upcoming movie slate. Shazam 2 (Features Sinbad!), Black Adam (Features rock!), Aquaman 2 (Feature, uh, Amber Heard!) And James Gunn Suicide squad (Features King Shark!) And WB seems more enthusiastic about reproducing Marvel’s easy-going tones than Snyder’s apocalyptic, heavy metal style, at least in terms of its shared universe.

Believing this is the right course for the studio depends on how excited you were to see Lynda Carter in that blue poncho.

That WW84 cameo and what it means for WW3

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