The 100 best games of the GamesRadar generation

For a new generation to start, another generation must first end. With the introduction of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, all eyes are on the future. But before sticking to the big after 2021, GamesRadar + wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to think about seven years of great interactive entertainment. As a way to say goodbye to PS4 and Xbox One, we’ve put together a celebration of the 100 best games of this generation.

For the 100 games on the GamesRadar generation list, we’ve selected the ones we believe are the best of the PS4 and Xbox One era. A game that advances storytelling and design, a title that best explores our growing dream of an always-on online live service experience, and a release that truly paves the way for future evolution and iteration. Hell, some picks were so much fun that I’m still thinking about it seven years later.

In the coming days, we’ll explore how key genres have changed and evolved throughout the PS4 and Xbox One generations. So take a look at these features of GamesRadar + for additional generation research and some prestigious mentions that weren’t. t Create the final list. The Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017 and is now against the typical intergenerational disparity of showing no signs of slowdown. Check out the best Switch games articles for the highlights of that particular console. For now, read on for the selection of the 100 best games of the generation, selected by the GamesRadar + editorial team.

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