The 15 most capable protagonists ranked according to their fighting ability

walking Dead It’s a story about what happens when an ordinary person gets caught up in the zombie apocalypse genocide and turmoil. Survival is a top priority, so these humans need to be able to retain themselves in order to stay alive. The threat does not necessarily come from the undead, but it is also the worst element of humanity unleashed in a world without law.

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As the story progresses, passive characters learn to become warriors on their own, while other characters become prey to a brutal new world. Almost all characters had to undergo personal transformations to become capable fighters, and the journey was usually deep and traumatic, irreparably changing them.

Updated on November 30, 2021 by Derek Draven: The Walking Dead characters are forced to fight to survive, but when it comes to fighting it, not all characters are the same. Since the show’s debut, characters with varying degrees of combat power have been added to the mix.

Seasons 10 and 11 introduced Whisperer, a band of nihilistic survivors led by some of the worst fighters to walk the apocalypse, and the protagonist had to adapt. Whether it’s fighting a horde of undead or a dangerous and unpredictable human creeping into a wasteland, these characters know how to treat themselves.

15 Glenley

Glen was a big fan favorite because of his personality and views, And one of the moral cornerstones of the series for a long time. He was an everyday man who wanted to enjoy life rather than fighting for life. However, as the series progressed, Glenn became a capable fighter who never lost contact with the good guys inside.

Prior to the apocalypse, Glenn was a pizza delivery boy who had just begun his adult steps, and that meant little or no combat experience. But with time, patience, and training, he became a decent strategist and a formidable combatant, lacking only physical strength.

14 Rossita Espinosa

The Walking Dead Season 10 Rossita

Rosita doesn’t always take up most of the screen time, but it’s always been clear that she’s a capable fighter. Starting as part of Abraham’s group, he and Rossita took on it themselves to protect Eugene from big and small threats.

Abraham took care of himself and trusted to help fulfill his mission to bring Eugene to Washington, DC. Later, when she became part of Rick’s group, she demonstrated her frontline combat skills against a variety of threats, including the Messiah of Negan.

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13 Carol

Carol walking in the woods of The Walking Dead

What Carol lacks in size and strength is complemented by her beliefs and dedication. In the whole group, she is probably the only person who is willing to protect the people she cares about at any length. Unfortunately, it forced her to pursue many painful decisions that hit her calm heart.

As a result, Carol lost much of her empathy, or at least buried it deeply. This allows her to focus on the battle and only feel the effect after the bullet has stopped flying. She is also good at turning her opponent in the wrong direction during a battle and using her stereotypes to trick her.

12 Aaron

Aaron kills pedestrians in The Walking Dead

Aaron started out as a man of gentle personality, but over the years he piled up a series of chips on his shoulders, which changed his personality forever. When he lost his hand, it all culminated, forcing him to replace it with a mechanical tool that could be used in combat.

Since then, Aaron has become a very dangerous fighter. His disgusted personality gave him the ability to send enemies without remorse or pity, which is rewarded with life-and-death encounters. He’s a strange guy since his debut at the show, but that only made him stronger.

11 11 Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead Season 10

Darryl had a difficult life before the apocalypse, but he was always a fighter and made great use of his experience as a survivor and rebel to stay alive. Darryl’s character has evolved in major ways since the first seasonHowever, his fighting ability remained the same all the time.

After starting to be a team player in Rick’s group, he had a real reason to fight, not just himself. He also continued to train others in combat and hunting skills, making him a valuable reliance on defense.

Ten Tyreese

Tyreese near the window of The Walking Dead

When Tyreese was alive, few people wanted to get involved with Tyreese. The reason is easy to understand. Not only was he very big, he was also a natural fighter who wasn’t afraid to jump into the fire. Still, he was a kind-hearted man and did not lose sight of the value of preserving human life as sacred.

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But when it was time to fight, Tyreese was a bull in the midst of an assault, and those who disturbed him either lived to regret it or died unknowingly. If he could continue long distances, he could have turned the tide against future threats like the Savior.

9 Negan Smith

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead

Before the outbreak of the apocalypse, Negan wasn’t a particularly violent man, The trauma of losing a beloved wife There were too many after the apocalypse was in full swing. He soon learned that the world was full of malicious humans who were far more dangerous than the undead, and he soon strengthened himself for what came next.

Intimidation tactics are Negan’s strongest card, but he never gives in to the fight. Against the undead, he is an iron ball, but he is also a capable combatant against creatures. Without his credible baseball bat Lucille, Negan can make some powerful fighters the best in hand-to-hand combat, making him a constant threat.

8 Morgan Jones

The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Morgan

Morgan Jones started the series as a typical father who simply tried to protect his son. When it failed, he was almost insane and only returned from the precipice for the kindness of strangers. It was he who trained Morgan in the art of combat, giving him a Zen-like attitude about the value of life.

After that, I vowed to fight only when absolutely necessary, and I still hesitated. When passiveness wasn’t an option, Morgan embarked on a battle and his opponents usually reached their end in a swift and brutal way. Few could expect to face Morgan and make him the best in the fight.

7 Shane Walsh

Shane Walsh walking Dead For several seasons, he quickly established himself as a powerful fighter. He was Rick’s best friend, a sheriff’s adjutant before the apocalypse, and soon realized that Lori and Karl needed to be ruthless to protect them from both pedestrians and humans.

Shane was not only very familiar with guns, he was also a capable hand-to-hand combat soldier. His hingeless personality and aggressive nature amplified his natural strength, which made him more unpredictable as the story progressed.

6 Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes shoots Sophia in The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes was a sheriff’s agent who was more well trained to survive the apocalypse than in most cases. However, he was hampered early on by his good personality and ethical adherence, which almost sacrificed the lives of him and his group. It will take some time for him to learn how to get the right balance.

Poor physical strength, but not as well trained as others walking Dead The universe, Rick, was arguably one of the most brutal. When the push rushed, there was no line he couldn’t cross, which made him very unpredictable in the fight.In one notable episode, Rick bites his throat and brutally kills humans. one of walking Dead The most brutal battle..

Five Governor

Governor holding a pistol in The Walking Dead

The governor’s combat skills were greatly amplified by his own hingeless personality, which made him a very dangerous enemy. Not only was he a manipulator and master strategist, he also knew how to wage large-scale wars as needed. He almost ended Rick Grimes and his group before being killed by Michonne.

He was deadly in hand-to-hand combat and took advantage of his own unlimited aggression and anger. He almost killed Michonne during the quarrel and defeated Merle in a one-on-one brawl, but this was not an easy task. But the worst hit he has ever offered was in Rick, and the injury took a long time to heal.

Four Michonne

Michonne stands protectively in front of The Walking Dead's Judith

Michonne is easily one of the best fighters the walking Dead, Especially when she wields a sword. Whether she faces pedestrians or people, Michonne is always a threat and she knows how to harness her speed to overcome her lack of fitness. For Michonne, it’s all improvisation.

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She is the best with a sword, but Michonne is also a hand-to-hand combat. If overwhelmed by a stronger enemy, she will usually come up with a way to dominate, even if that means taking advantage of some dirty tricks.

3 Abraham Ford

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham in The Walking Dead

Abraham always preferred brute force over tactical combat techniques, especially when compared to other characters, but it always seemed to work for him. He was a majestic companion, whether human or pedestrian, and his strong military spirit and training helped him a lot during the apocalypse.

There were pros and cons to his passionate temper, and he encouraged him to do his best in the fight. Few could expect to step into the ring with Abraham and win. His only real drawback was his large size, which hindered his agility.

2 Jesus

The Walking Dead-Paul Rovia, also known as Jesus

Paul Rovia, also known as JesusWas arguably the most capable and skilled fighter walking Dead saw. With a strong similarity in martial arts training, Jesus was incredibly agile, and it gave him a great advantage over enemies who might have underestimated him because of his thin physique.

Jesus was a supply runner, part of the militia, and a martial arts teacher. He used all of these skills to protect himself and the community while at the same time winning the competition. He was able to betray the enemy by confusing them during the battle, but unfortunately he died in the hands of Whisperer during a sudden attack.

1 beta

The Walking Dead Whisper Beta

He may have been Alpha’s second fiddle the walking Dead, But Beta represents the brutal immense power of a man who has nothing to lose and no connection to hold him back. Beta’s job as a key executor within Whisperer was to carry out Alpha’s orders and ensure ultimate loyalty to the ideologies they shared.

In combat, beta was the equivalent of a human military tank. He was able to shred multiple enemies at once with a unique combination of incredible strength and combat techniques. The beta version of hand-to-hand combat was extremely dangerous and was able to shrug a painful injury long enough to strangle or beat an enemy.

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