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The Jacksonville Jaguars finished the 2020 season with a record of 1-15.

The Jacksonville Jaguars 2020 season was aimed at resetting the franchise. Jaguar’s senior correspondent, Brian Sexton, article Jaguars official team site.

At the beginning of last year, about a month after the end of the previous season, owner Shad Khan openly Accepted the idea If the team wants to return to the 2017 form, one game away from the Super Bowl look, they may have to start over.

Jacksonville was convinced that a reset would allow them to return there. By trading off players such as Jalen Ramsey, Calais Campbell, Yannick Gacoue and Nick Foles, Jaguar is left with a young roster full of potential, a clear salary cap space and the ultimate draft capital I did.

The strange part of this is that he deliberately rode a tank to put himself in a situation where he was drafting Trevor Lawrence, Clemson’s quarterback. Jaguar won the AFC Championship Game 10-6 in 2017. In 2018, they became 5-11. That same year, Trevor Lawrence led the Clemson Tigers to an undefeated record and national championship title.

Lawrence, a five-star prospect, has been in the spotlight ever since high school. Jaguar knew that this year could be a year in which potential franchise quarterbacks could land.

“They knew there was no franchise quarterback, and we all knew this would be a draft of Trevor Lawrence. It’s hard to absorb the losses this season weekly. But the long-term benefits will be much greater than the short-term pain. “-Brian Sexton, Senior Correspondent Jaguars

Most people only think of Lawrence, but there are many other reasons why 2021 is the future of Jacksonville Jaguar.

Jaguar is looking forward to the busy 2021.

It’s hard to see Jacksonville drop for 15 games in a row, but there’s really light at the end of this franchise tunnel in 2021. The New Year brings Jaguar a new start.

Not only are they in a position to draft Trevor Lawrence, but Jacksonville is also expected to run for former Ohio State University head coach Urban Meyer for their (soon) open head coach position.

Jacksonville will also later make a new look at General Manager Dismissed Dave Caldwell After losing to Cleveland Browns for the 12th week. Hiring a new head coach and general manager is completely nervous, but if Jacksonville can get the right jobs, the team’s potential is incredibly promising in 2021. They have all the draft capital in the world and can continue to add veteran depth to the upcoming free agent period.

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The 2020 season was a reset of Jacksonville Jaguar — 2021 is the future The 2020 season was a reset of Jacksonville Jaguar — 2021 is the future

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