The 2021 Hugo Awards will be the best video game category

Video games will be honored in a special category of next year’s Hugo Awards. This means that the media will be officially included first in science fiction and fantasy awarding institutions.

Announcement twitter Next year’s award will recognize one of the games in the Best Video Games category by DisCon III, the Worldcon 2021 competition for the Hugo Awards. Under the rules of the World Science Fiction Association, the Worldcon Commission of any year may introduce one award for the year. These awards are not recurring and this rule is designed for “special situations”.

“Many of us have spent more time playing games than we expected since the beginning of 2020,” Discon III co-chair Collette Fozard said in a statement. “This award gives fans the opportunity to celebrate a meaningful, fun and extraordinary game over the past year.” At this event, although this is designated as a one-time deal, The Hugo Investigation Commission is reviewing the categories of best games or interactive experiences that could be permanent equipment. The game draws a lot from literature, as the award focuses primarily on the world of printed matter such as books, magazines and comics, and related media such as audiobooks, but it’s like a new precedent. ..

DisCon III will host the 79th Worldcon at the Marriott Wardman Mark Hotel in Washington, DC from August 25th to 29th next year. Learn more about.

Not surprisingly, the team felt the need to somehow emphasize the game this year, but video games surged in the ongoing blockade. As for Steam, every day is basically a weekend, and survival games and football games were big hits around April. Among strategy games like Crusader Kings 3, action-adventure games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, breakout indie games like Hades, this is a fiercely contested award. In addition to established favorites, all upcoming games to watch are here. This will give you a complete speedup when the Hugo Award 2021 is held.

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