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The 2021 MotoGP Championship runner-up won four races last season and missed the title by 26 points after the very strong second part of the campaign.

Ducati won more races in 2021 in Bagnaia (4) than any other manufacturer. Jack Miller (2) and Pramac rookie Jorge Martin (1) Aggregate 7 among them – secure the crown of the constructor for the Italian brand for the second consecutive year.

Bagnaia said at the end of 2021 that Ducati was a “perfect” bike, but manufacturers improved it with the 2022 prototype in the post-season Jerez test where Bagnaia was completely at the top.

Italians say they believe Ducati is ready to race in Jerez, taking feedback from all riders on the 2022 bike.

“Ducati is from the rider to me, Jack, and [Johann] Everyone told Zarco and Martin that Ducati is the easiest bike, the fastest bike, and the better bike, so we were looking for an easier bike, “Bagnaia told’s tank slapper podcast. rice field.

“But just because I didn’t try it doesn’t mean that other bikes are the best, so I don’t understand.

“So it’s very difficult to say anything without trying other bikes.

“But our bikes aren’t that easy in that situation, so I wanted to have an easy bike to ride on a fast track with fast corners.

“But while the new fairing started to make me feel a little better, it also has some weaknesses, so I’m sure the engineers are putting a lot of effort into that.

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team

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“But in the tests at Jerez we did that with a full fuel tank and medium tires, so our time on the new bike was incredible.

“So it was incredible [as] Was a new bike, and every time you start with a new bike you have to adapt to it.

“I got off to a good start. I worked a lot for two days. The second day was already okay. I was already able to race. If the race was the next day, I would start with that bike.

“So the Ducati engineers did a great job on the bike next year. [testing in] In Malaysia, you will certainly find some new surprises. “

The 2022 pre-season test will begin on February 5th in Malaysia with a two-day official test and will be held the following week at the Mandarica Circuit in Indonesia for another three days.

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The 2022 Ducati MotoGP bike is “already raceable” after the first test – Bagnaia The 2022 Ducati MotoGP bike is “already raceable” after the first test – Bagnaia

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