The 5 Best European Countries For Sports Enthusiasts

Sports enthusiasm is higher in some countries than in others, making people deeply connected and fascinated with their favorite sports. Other people will enjoy being part of the sport where they get active in training, breaking records, and winning titles, while other enthusiasts prefer being spectators in the sports they love. They devotedly cheer the players or follow the sports events with much interest.

Sports bring all people together because it is not about the race but the success experiences the defeat, which creates a connection to all. Sports are also crucial since they bring out team spirit, respect, and fair play. Here are the top sports enthusiasts in European countries

 Best European Countries For Sports Enthusiasts


Budapest goes crazy over football, making it the most popular sport in Hungary. Having a rich history in football, Hungarians love playing and being spectators. Its national team has been performing quite well compared to some years back, making the fans stick on their TVs when there is a match. When they are not watching, most will be wagering for their teams via online bookies. Check out onlinesportfogadá to find the highest rated sports betting sites in Hungary.

They support their local clubs, and after four years during the FIFA world cup, they have a huge TV audience from Hungary. Due to the sports enthusiast, Hungary has produced some of the world’s best players like Ferenc Puskas, Jozsef Bossik, Rolland Sallai, Dominik Szoboszlai, etc.

Ferencváros  Torna Club is one of the oldest in Europe and the most decorated club in Hungary. The team has an extensive fan base in Hungary than any other team. The team has a new stadium where it can host 20 000 in UEFA  games and 23,700 during the domestic tournaments. Victor Orban has invested heavily in the football game, and that’s why the national team is awakening from position 57 in the world ranking 10 years ago to position 40 currently.


Sweden sports enthusiasts crave football, making it the most popular sport in the country. Football is nicknamed the national sport and the country boasts of legendary players like Zlatan Ibrahimović, Martin Dahlin, and Freddie Ljungberg. Football can be dated back to 1870 when it was introduced to the gymnastic clubs; after it was introduced, football grew immensely, and drafted the first football rules in 1855.

In 1908 Sweden’s national team was founded, and half a century later, the team made its first significant achievement when it finished second in the 1958 world cup. Sweden has 362,000 licensed football players; the number shows how much they love football.

The love of football in Sweden won’t stop the fans from watching even after their national team missed getting into the 2022 world cup in Qatar, where they got defeated 2-0 by Poland. The presence of its talented players will be missed in Qatar later this year.


Norwegians love cross country skiing, their national sport, and it has been part of their lives since the middle ages. You will find almost everyone participating in the sport, and the country performs very well even at the international level. Since the sport of their lives, it’s like they were born skiing; the Nordic have a gigantic fanbase for the winter sports.

The county has dominated the Olympics, especially cross country skiing, with a staggering 368 medals with 5.3 million people compared to the US population with 332 million with 305 medals. The country performs exceptionally well because they have the best ski resorts mountains found in the eastern, central, and southern regions of Norway where each has kilometers of country trails giving them the place to groom their talents.


Football is the most popular sport in the Netherlands, with the most extensive number of fanatics. Football has a rich history in the Netherlands, where it was founded in 1889 as Netherlands football athletics, where it later changed to Netherlands football association after they split in 1895.

In the 1950s, they made a significant landmark when introducing professional football, which many players exited during the post-war time due to lack of payment by the association. There was a rise of wild football teams formed as a protest, but it was the beginning of a good outcome. They were joined by ten more clubs where they formed a professional association. The two associations merged, and it has been in existence since November 25th, 1954.

Dutch football has come a long way, and their enthusiasm for the sport is immeasurable. They can contain their joy as they prepare for the 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar after they won against Norway with a 2-0 victory in the world cup qualifiers match.


Switzerland is another country where football has an entire house fanbase. Did you know around 10,000 matches are played every weekend? So many when you multiply games per year. Despite skiing being the national sport because of mountain ranges, football captivates the heart of the larger population, and winter sports like skiing are a pastime activity.

Most European countries love football, and swiss people do too. The Swiss people play and enjoy watching soccer, and the extensive fan base gives moral support to their national team, ‘Nati,’ as they have nicknamed it. They have been active in the international stadium, participating in 11 FIFA world cups and 5 UEFA championships.

They took the football world by surprise after beating world cup giant France in the 2020 EURO quarter-finals; Switzerland has some of the best football players like Alexander Frei, Xherdan Shaqiri, Stephan Lichtsteiner, and Tranquillo Barnetta, among others. Nati earned its ticket to the world cup 2020 after playing eight matches unbeaten it topped group C with 18 points from 3 draws and 5 wins.


The mentioned sports-mad countries have achieved the titles by wholeheartedly playing and supporting the sport. They go the extra mile to support the sport; some bet for their favorite team in their country’s sportsbook, while others go to the stadium hours before the match starts just to get a good seat. Others go wild and fight for their teams which is against the law. Being a sports enthusiast is more than watching it on TV. If you think you are a fan, which extra measures have you taken to support your sport?


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