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The aftermarket, which results from a shortage of global supply chains and the rapid capture of incentive commercial vehicle orders, is of a different range and size than what the industry is accustomed to.

Today, the surge in demand means that our product portfolio needs to be supported by inventories more than ever before. In this climate, where delays are no longer an exception to the rules, wait times for build and repair parts are important.

For heavy vehicle equipment specialists, customer satisfaction and customer support from the first purchase of SAF-Holland to the aftermarket is essential to the brand.

Just as total cost of ownership means taking everything after sale into account, SAF-Holland is when evaluating equipment such as axles and five wheels that are relentlessly used in a relentless environment. We understand the value of this for customers who see these small differences in the long run. ..

SAF-Holland offers two styles of fifth wheels on the market.

The mounting plates are standardized with only different foot and top designs, allowing customers to choose the style that suits their unique operational needs. The Dutch 5th wheel range in North America has welded legs, while the European range is traditionally a product with ISO bolt pattern legs.

The European range of offering standard fifth wheels also includes an optional RECOSS system. This is a Volvo, Daimler, and Scania three-sensor system that illuminates the dashboard lights for safety and peace of mind for the driver.

SAF-Holland also offers a new ELI-te system for the fifth wheel range in North America. Electronic Lock Indicator Abbreviation — Technology-enhanced ELI-te reduces costly interruptions due to trailer coupling failures.

The system works through two sensors that trigger a visual indicator to confirm the successful coupling of the 5th wheel cam plate and trailer kingpin.

To prevent mistakes and ensure best practices, ELI-te also alerts drivers if the process is incorrect. A bright white LED illuminates the jaws on the fifth wheel to indicate that the kingpin is properly seated.

However, red lights flash on both sides of the coupling, allowing the driver to quickly recognize potentially costly mistakes before attempting a pull test or driving a car.

SAF Holland is a fully painted, perforated, fifth wheel and suitable kingpin for almost every market segment offered to OEMs and dealers, with mounting bolts for quick and efficient mounting across Australia. Is provided. It should be noted that local governments have different rules regarding “blue plating”.

SAF-Holland offers full service kits like the RK35503A.

According to Phil Crossbie, SAF Holland National Aftermarket Manager, the company can assist customers in each state.

“Recently, there was a rating sticker on every fifth wheel and there was a review by the authorities that it fits the purpose, so always make sure the rating label is on the fifth wheel,” he said. say.

Safety often determines the reliability of a product. Aftermarket Compliance-Important parts supplied and installed on large vehicles in operation may have uncertain quality and unknown legal compliance status. Phil emphasizes the importance of keeping the fifth wheel on the market with genuine spare parts for all fleets.

“The fleet has the option of repairing the fifth wheel of the FW351, FW331, G36, G36L, FW70, or FW72, or saving effort and replacing the full top,” the company currently offers on the market. It quotes and states the various models that it does.

SAF-Holland has spare parts for all fleets, from new foot bushes, new jaws, new foot pins to full service kits such as the RK351A kit.

All levels of service are supported. Of course, the need for extraordinary after-sales support is not just reserved for a prestigious fleet. SAF-Holland understands the important nature of the work that customers do and is focused on delivering what they need, when they need it. This includes support and timely advice.

“The Netherlands is a trusted product on the market and is used by many people,” says Phil. “Because of the large margin of error on all 5th wheels, other products may break down or not match exactly, so you need to use genuine Dutch parts.”

The company chooses leading service center partners who not only provide high quality service to their customers, but also have many of the same company’s goals and aspirations.

These founding principles helped differentiate SAF-Holland from its competitors. The customer is aware of the benefits of this given the current environment.

The 5th Dimension-Prime Mover Magazine The 5th Dimension-Prime Mover Magazine

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