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Now that Kevin Durant has been quarantined for the next four games, there is an opportunity to help Caris LeVert intervene and bring Brooklyn Nets to the fore.

Kevin Durant needs to be quarantined for the next 7 days after being exposed to a positive COVID-19 case, which is costly. Brooklyn Nets The following four games. Losing a KD caliber player at any point in the season is stabbed, but Nets finds himself in a particular funk and his absence only gets worse.

Despite losing punches following Spencer Dinwidy’s ACL tier, Brooklyn’s attack was better than expected early in the season, ranking 4th in scoring and 10th in rating. .. This is a defensive end and the team’s predicament has been serious and has played a major role in four losses in the last five games. Following a series of outings to open the season with less than 100 points, Netz’s defense was the seventh worst, surrendering 120 per night in the last five games.

At least in the time it takes to resolve these defensive shortcomings, Brooklyn will score higher and become a team that relies on two-star heroes to sign the deal. This strategy works when an engine like Durant powers production. Unless their key scorers put close to 30 points in the game, such a strategy will be more difficult to trust unless someone intervenes to mitigate the loss of points.

The NBA Bubble was a relatively short-lived experience for the net after being wiped out of the first round by the Toronto Raptors. But it wasn’t without profit for the particular individual who had the opportunity to showcase their best work in the unique roster that Brooklyn sent to Disney.And no one has taken advantage of it any further Caris LeVert..

A one-month suspension was not enough to bring Durant and Kyrie Irving back to court. Din Woody has opted out of the bubble. LeVert suddenly became the only source of self-made attacks, and Nets rode those skills on the way to an amazing 5-3 finish in seed games, including quality wins against the Bucks and Clippers. It was.

LeVert scored an average of 25.0 points with a 48.0% shot, and 6.7 assists the night on the way to the spot for the all-seed game second team. He scored 20.3 points inefficiently against second-placed defense in the playoffs (37.0% shoot), but compensated for the struggle of shooting by dishing 9.5 assists per game across the four-game series. did.

A player studded with stardom pockets during the four years in the league verified that many believed he could play a bigger role. In the six seed games he appeared in, LeVert’s shooting attempts (20.5 games) and utilization (32.6) ranked in the top 10 over the entire season.

Of course, the good times weren’t the return of two all-stars and another talented 20-point scorer, but the calm reality of not being extended to the next season. Due to that fact, LeVert’s role on the net with a new look and his performance in it was one of the most compelling questions for Brooklyn to move towards the season.

Even if Din Woody resigns, Steve Nash still has Levart as the sixth man to try to recreate the situation that led to the bubble breakout. Alongside Le Vert, KD and Kyrie were ranked 5th and 6th among Netz players, respectively, in minutes, giving the young wing full control of the second unit, for better or for worse.

Early results were not encouraging. After scoring 20 points in the opening round against the sad Golden State Defense Force, LeVert has scored only 10 points in five of the last six outings.

Naturally growing pain is expected in a different role than new teammates who bring unfamiliar expectations. But LeVert still feels like he has enough talent on the table to end the trio of 20 points per game scorer. This shows some frustration, no matter how much patience you preach.

It’s no coincidence that in these last six games, LeVert broke more than 10 points on the second night instead of Durant and Irving during the break. Brooklyn lost to Memphis in a five-point extra time, but LeVert appeared to be back in the bubble, scoring the best 29 shots in the game on the way to 28 points.

These types of performance are not an ideal alternative to Durant. Durant, along with numerous buckets, currently has the highest career record (66.1%) in true shooting, but is perfect for Brooklyn to try to keep the leak. Ship from taking more water.

If LeVert believes it’s more capable than what Nash is doing, next week we’ll give you time to add to the data that already helps to support that confidence.

A successful fill-in does not deviate from what his head coach maintains, but is best for Brooklyn’s long-term aspirations. But a series of flashback performances, or simply the opportunity to spawn them, can be brought back to the bench by the struggling LeVert when Durant returns far more than a nasty place with him in the starting lineup. It may be the starting point needed to ignite a spark.

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The absence of Durrants opens the door to Caris LeVert The absence of Durrants opens the door to Caris LeVert

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